What is World Sound Arts?

The Certificate in World Sound Arts focuses on musical study and creation in the broadest sense, especially in four areas beyond Western art music in which the University of Alberta excels: ethnomusicology, world music, electroacoustic music, and popular music. Ethnomusicology focuses on "music" in the most expansive sense of the word: "world music".

Recently, digital technology has radically transformed the world of music by enabling new pathways for sonic creation, representation, fusion, and circulation, broadening musical horizons, and enabling unprecedented modes of scholarly access and research throughout newly interconnected sonic cultures (including traditional music, popular music, jazz, and the avant-garde) around the globe.

Why add this certificate to your degree?

This certificate is designed to give students a professional advantage in pursuing the many non-traditional fields of music and the sonic arts, due to its focus on the larger constellation of musical and artistic activity around the world today. Some of these professions include the commercial film music industry, the video game industry, sound arts curation, world music archiving, digital music distribution, sound design, music journalism, media arts production, online digital music repositories, public sector work, arts and cultural administration, and the music technology industries.

Additionally, students in this program who want to pursue graduate work will find themselves well-positioned for many of the newer graduate degrees in sound art, technology, and integrated media arts.

What experiences are involved in obtaining this certificate?

Students in World Sound Arts complete additional courses offered through the department of Music.

What additional courses are required?

Students must complete 27* from the list of approved courses; see the University calendar for a complete list of available courses.