What is Classics?

Classics is the interdisciplinary study of ancient cultures and civilizations, such as those of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the Near East. Classicists study the art, archaeology, history, languages, literature, philosophy, politics, religions, and cultures of the Ancient Mediterranean World.

Why Study Classics at UAlberta?

The U of A Classics program offers diverse and innovative courses from award-winning teachers and researchers. Our courses study cultures and ideas that are foundational for much art and literature, and that remain at the root of many contemporary intellectual, political, and religious issues.

Our students explore the Ancient Mediterranean world through Greek and Roman history, art and architecture, archaeology, science and technology, myth and religion, philosophy, women's studies, and literature. We offer Ancient Greek and Latin language courses at all levels.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

The U of A hosts the W.G. Hardy Museum of Ancient Classical and Near Eastern Antiquities, which contains extensive displays of Egyptian, Greek and Roman artifacts, including coins, pottery, jewelry, and statuary. Students can publish their papers in Constellations, our undergraduate history and classics journal.
Our annual archaeological field schools in Italy and Greece are tremendously popular with students. We also hold many extra-curricular social activities for our students, such as Classical-themed movie nights, game nights, and an annual reception.

  • Sub-disciplines within Classics
    Ancient History, in translation and in the original
    Literature, in translation and in the original
  • What can I do with a Classics degree?
    Classics graduates are particularly well equipped for careers in advocacy as lawyers, politicians, public servants, and in non-governmental organizations; in communication as journalists, writers, and editors; in education such as librarians, school teachers, and university professors; and in cultural preservation and research as archaeologists, archivists, curators, and interpreters of historic sites, art galleries, and museums.

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