Community Service-Learning

What is Community Service-Learning?

Community Service-Learning (CSL) makes learning come alive. We link academic coursework to community-based experiences. Students bring their time and talents to community organizations as part of their studies, challenging them to engage with their learning in fresh new ways and to explore relationships between theory and practice. By incorporating CSL courses and projects into their major or minor, students may pursue a Certificate in Community Engagement and Service-Learning.


Why Study Community Service-Learning at UAlberta?

CSL allows students to develop personal, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities as well as enhance their skills in communication, collaboration, and leadership. Students will increase their understanding of course material, gain hands-on experience in the not-for-profit sector, and learn more about social issues and their root causes. Students in CSL gain valuable experience, and give back to the community through their projects and coursework.


Experience Beyond the Classroom

There are several ways students may engage in CSL throughout their degree. Many courses include a CSL component, allowing them to connect their learning to social issues and work with community. CSL designated courses on topics such as Community Engagement and Community-Based Research allow students to pursue a Certificate in Community Engagement and Service-Learning, significantly integrating community service into their postsecondary education. Participants in the Non-Profit Board Internship Program gain valuable experience in how boards operate and develop leadership and decision-making skills. Students can also apply for a paid CSL internship position. The Pathways program allows UAlberta Arts students to experience and reflect on a rich and varied set of experiences with Edmonton community non-profit organizations including a paid summer internship.


What can I do with a Community Service-Learning Certificate?

Participating in Community-Service Learning equips students with skills and understanding that will benefit them in any field, whether they go on to the non-profit sector, business, education, law, medicine, or further study - whatever their direction, CSL grads are engaged citizens who contribute to the health of their communities!


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