What is Drama?

Drama trains individuals for all the jobs that are required to create and produce a live performance. We also offer studies in the history, theory and practice of live performance. Do you want to act? Direct? Write a play? Costume design? Lighting design? Create an original soundscape? Design & build a set? Manage a production?

Why Study Drama at UAlberta?

Students have the opportunity to work with and learn from leading researchers who study the way theatre creates cultural, social and political meaning. We offer practical courses in acting, directing, production, and performer-created theatre from a faculty of experts who are working professionals in their fields. Our superior classroom and theatre facilities support our dynamic learning environment.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Drama features many studio courses in which students can learn their craft through experience. Even the theoretical classes include hands-on projects. Our program draws on local experts from the robust Edmonton theatre community facilitating interaction between students and professionals. We also offer internships with Workshop West, Citadel Theatre and Edmonton Opera.

We provide opportunities to integrate with Faculty research, such as participating in a community based project in Kenya where traditional African stories are being used to influence the current political landscape, or creating new work with seniors and students through an intergenerational theatre company.

  • Sub-disciplines within Drama
    Acting; Directing; Stage Management; Production Management; Technical Theatre; Sound Design, Costume, Lighting and Set Design; Production Dramaturgy; New Play Dramaturgy; Playwriting; Performer-Created Theatre; Theatre History; Theatre Theory; Indigenous Theatre; Feminist Theatre; Play Analysis.
  • What can I do with a Drama degree?

    Drama graduates acquire advanced communication, collaboration and research skills that make them highly employable. Our graduates work in the film, theatre, and television industries as actors, directors, stage managers, designers, technicians and dramaturges. Other professional areas include theatre criticism, cultural management, communications, event planning, project management, journalism, writing fashion and teaching.

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