East Asian Studies

What is East Asian Studies?

Our department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Chinese, Korean and Japanese language, linguistics, and literature. We also offer a range of courses on the histories, cultures, and religions of East Asia.

Why Study East Asian Studies at UAlberta?

As the only university department between Toronto and Vancouver devoted solely to the study of East Asia, we provide our students with a valuable opportunity to build a solid foundation for a career involving this exciting and economically vigorous part of the world.

Additional campus resources include the China Institute, the Prince Takamado Japan Centre for Teaching and Learning, and the Spoken Discourse Research Studio (SDRS).

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Our department participates in various exchange and short-term programs in East Asian countries where students can immerse themselves in an intensive language learning experience.

The very active KGK: East Asian Studies Undergraduate Students' Association offers support for students in our department and hosts social events to create a fun, welcoming environment between all disciplines. KGK stands for Kanpai, Ganbei, Konbae or "cheers" in all three of the East Asian languages (Japanese, Chinese and Korean, respectively).

  • Sub-disciplines within East Asian Studies
    We offer language, linguistics, and literature courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • What can I do with a East Asian Studies degree?

    A degree in East Asian Studies acts as a stepping stone to a diverse range of career paths. Some examples:

    • Government jobs such as: Community Liaison Officer, Customs Officer, Immigration Officer or Services Worker, Intelligence Service, Lawyer, Urban Planner, Overseas Representative
    • Education: Exchange Student Program Coordinator, International Education Specialist, Public Health Educator, Educational Administrator, International Student Advisor

    • Justice System: Court Translator, Criminologist, Intellectual Properties Attorney, Judge, Criminal Investigator

    • Business and Industry: Cultural Resource Management, Hospitality Worker, Import Specialist, Multinational Marketing, Program Developer, Technical Translator

    • Community and Social Services: Cultural Centre Coordinator, Museum Director, Public Interest Group Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Event Coordinator

    • Other: Foreign Publications Editor, International Visitors Consultant, Publications Director, Translator, Tour Guide, Librarian, Editor

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