Environmental Studies

What is Environmental Studies?

Environmental studies focusses on the human and social dimensions of environmental issues using an interdisciplinary approach. Students have access to courses from a wide range of faculties and departments, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the pressing issues facing the natural world.

Why Study Environmental Studies at UAlberta?

Environmental studies gives students a uniquely nuanced understanding of environmental issues through its explicitly interdisciplinary approach, combining theories and practices from different disciplines including environmental history, politics, philosophy, and sociology. Students have the opportunity to align their coursework with the area of environmental studies that they are most interested in, and prepare themselves to be leaders of an environmentally sustainable future.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Students take courses from the Faculties of Arts, ALES, (Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences), Science, and Native Studies, providing a truly interdisciplinary experience. Students have hands-on access to highly relevant co-op opportunities through the Arts Work Experience (AWE) program.


  • Sub-disciplines within Environmental Studies
    Environment and Peoples of Canada
    Politics, Society, & the Global Environment
    Food & Society
  • What can I do with an Environmental Studies degree?
    Graduates will be prepared to work on the cutting edge of sustainability and environmental issues, be it in business, communities, or government. Students may go on to work in diverse fields such as nature conservation, environmental resource management, law & policy, urban planning, environmental education, and more.

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