What is History?

History is the study of change over time. Historians look to the past to understand our contemporary local, national, and international worlds. History also exposes us to ways of being and thinking that are very different from those of today. Historians are interested in how people and groups engage with each other, with power structures, and with their natural environments. We also think about the creation and transformation of culture and cultural ideas.

Why Study History at UAlberta?

The UAlberta History program offers diverse and innovative courses from award-winning teachers and researchers. Our courses consider peoples, conflicts, experiences, and ideas from across the world, from ancient times to the present. We examine topics ranging from religious history to environmental history, intellectual history to gender history, the history of colonialism to economic history, and much more.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Our students have the opportunity to conduct research in university libraries, archives, museums, research institutes, and in the broader community. Students have the chance to publish their work in Constellations, our undergraduate history journal, and meet fellow students in our History and Classics Undergraduate Society. Students in our Honors Program work on their own major research projects with guidance from individual faculty members.
  • Sub-disciplines within History
    African History
    Ancient and Medieval History
    Canadian History
    East Asian History
    Environmental History
    European History, especially East European History
    Gender and Cultural History
    History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
    Indigenous History
    Latin American History
    South Asian History
    US History
  • What can I do with a History degree?
    History graduates are particularly well equipped for careers in ADVOCACY as lawyers, politicians, public servants, and in non-governmental organizations; in COMMUNICATION as advertisers, broadcasters, film and television producers, journalists, writers, and editors; in EDUCATION such as school teachers, university professors, directors of historic sites and museums; in INFORMATION MANAGEMENT as archivists, librarians, and records managers; and in RESEARCH as investigators for museums and historic sites, and contract historians for corporations and non-profit organizations.

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