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Whether you're interested in creating beautiful works of art, working towards a fairer and more equitable society for all, planning vibrant and remarkable cities, or analyzing patterns and predicting future trends, we have a program that serves your unique ambitions.

With close to 40 majors to choose from and 9 diverse degree choices, Arts truly has a program for everyone. We invite you to explore what degree programs the Faculty of Arts has to offer you.

Degree Guides - Choose Your Bachelor Major

Degree Guides - Choose Your BA/BEd Major

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Degree Guides - Choose Your BA Major

Additional Minor Options

These options for minors can be declared as part of your degree but aren't options to be taken as majors, this is because most are offered by other UAlberta faculties.

Choose Your Own Path

Take your Arts degree in a direction that fits your exact interests and goals! We're proud to offer the most flexible, customizable, and interdisciplinary degree programs at the University of Alberta so that you can get a valuable education on your own terms.

Some extra ways to augment your Arts degree include:

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