What is Linguistics?

Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. Studying linguistics provides insight into one of the most fundamental parts of being human - the ability to communicate through language. Studying linguistics enables you to understand how language works, and how it is used, developed and preserved over time.

Why Study Linguistics at UAlberta?

Our bachelor program is one of the top programs in Canada and offers comprehensive coverage of all major areas of linguistics. Our focus is the scientific study of language through observation, fieldwork, and experimentation, with many labs and research groups in areas like language technology, speech sounds, how language works in the brain, how language is learned and preserving endangered languages.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Our innovative teaching involves off campus community and industry partners. The Arts Work Experience (AWE) matches employers and students for hands-on, career-building partnerships.
  • Sub-disciplines within Linguistics
    Speech Sound Patterns (Phonology)
    Words and their Parts (Morphology)
    Structure of Sentences (Syntax)
    Meaning (Semantics)
    Speech Sounds (Phonetics)
    Language Acquisition
    Psychology of Language (Psycholinguistics)
    Language and Society (Sociolinguistics)
    Language Documentation
  • What can I do with a Linguistics degree?

    Industries that use the skills gained from linguistics degree include data science, speech and language technology, computer industry, education, government, publishing (technical writer or journalist), advertising, translation or interpreter, and transcription. You can teach English as a second language at home or abroad, become a consultant on language in Indigenous communities or professions such as law or medicine. The degree also prepares students for advanced studies in Speech Language Pathology, Audiology, Linguistics, Psychology, Law and many other advanced degrees.

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