What is Mathematics?

Do you love math and reading? With this program, you don't have to choose! A Bachelor of Arts in Math combines scientific principles with liberal-arts concepts and produces well-rounded and versatile graduates. Studying mathematics develops your problem-solving skills, trains you to think logically, and helps your decision-making abilities, all of which are valued by employers in many industries.

Why Study Mathematics at UAlberta?

Taking Mathematics as a Bachelor of Arts invites you into one of the most diverse Arts programs in Canada. We offer top quality educational opportunities that prepare students for successful careers in every sector of society, and our internationally recognized faculty members bring insights from their cutting-edge research into the classroom.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

We offer experiential learning opportunities beyond the classroom, such as the Community Service-Learning and Arts Work Experience programs, which will encourage academic excellence and innovative problem-solving, as well as give you the tools to thrive in a diverse and increasingly complex workplace.

  • Sub-disciplines within Mathematics
    Foundations; Arithmetic; Algebra; Analysis; Combinatorics; Geometry and topology; Applied mathematics
  • What can I do with a degree in Mathematics?
    Mathematician; Risk Manager, Chartered accountant, Data analyst, Investment analyst, Research scientist (Mathematics), Secondary school teacher, Statistician, Systems developer; Financial manager; Financial trader; Insurance underwriter; Operational researcher; Quantity surveyor; Software tester

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