Political Science

What is Political Science?

Political Science is the study of power and governance. What is power? Who has it? Where is it exercised? What happens when power is misused? How do we use power for good?

Why Study Political Science at UAlberta?

Students have the opportunity to work with award winning teachers and leading international researchers in lectures and small seminar formats. Students are challenged to think broadly about the many different faces of power and the responsibilities of an engaged citizenship. Our classes equip students with knowledge and with the skills to apply that knowledge to social problems in Canada and around the world.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Innovative teaching is a hallmark of Political Science. Students could participate in simulations of European Union Council meetings; travel to New York to participate in a Model United Nations exercise, tackle real-time policy problems with engagement from practitioners, and engage in student-driven research projects.

  • Sub-disciplines within Political Science

    Canadian Politics: the study of power dynamics and institutions in Canada and between Canada and the world.

    Comparative Politics: the study of power and institutions in countries and regional governments.

    International Relations: the study of power in global institutions of governance, finance, trade and aid; relations between countries and regions.

    Gender and Politics: the study of the production of gender and governance through gendered identities.

    Indigenous Politics: the study of Indigenous nations, colonization, decolonization and relations with settler societies.

    Political Theory: the philosophical study of power, governance and political order.

  • What can I do with a Political Science degree?

    Policy analysis, law, communications, journalism, business, public relations, work with local government, Indigenous communities, humanitarian organizations and international organizations.

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