What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the brain and behaviour. Psychologists explore phenomena such as cognition, learning and behaviour, emotion, language, memory, development, cognitive neuroscience, and sociocultural psychology, among many others. Research and exploration in these various areas allows for a better understanding of the human experience and fosters the development of practical applications in the field.

Why Study Psychology at UAlberta?

From the very first psychology course taken, students are introduced to the interesting and engaging topics this field has to offer. We are a dedicated department, working collaboratively to provide students with a learning experience that reveals the wealth of information and research currently existing within the psychological world today. Our general courses build a strong foundation in the field and our diverse course offerings allows students to pursue areas of greatest interest. Within the BA degree, students can pursue a Major, Minor, or Honors degree in Psychology.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Research is a pivotal part of psychology and students have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of ways. Individual Research/Study courses allow students to gain hands-on research experience, under the mentorship of faculty members, while completing degree requirements. A more extensive research experience can be gained through the Honors program, during which students complete a research apprenticeship and thesis, under the supervision of a faculty member. A Research Certificate in Psychology is available to any student who completes a significant amount of course work associated with research methodology and data management.

Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field by completing a full-time, paid work experience through the Arts Work Experience (AWE) program and the Internship Program in Psychology (IPP) which bridge academic learning of theory with community application of knowledge. Psychology also offers courses which incorporate Community Service-Learning. This involves the completion of course components through learning experiences in practical, real world environments.

The Undergraduate Psychology Association (UPA), is dedicated to informing students about psychology at the U of A and providing a welcoming experience. Psychology also offers several awards to honor our students' hard work and support them financially.

  • Sub-disciplines within Psychology
    Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Forensic and Public Service Psychology, Health Psychology, Human Factors and Engineering Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Psychology of Teaching and Learning, Quantitative Psychology, Rehabilitation Psychology, Social Psychology, Sport and Performance Psychology
  • What can I do with a Psychology degree?
    A degree in psychology can lead to a fulfilling career that makes a difference in people's lives; psychology students work not only as professors, researchers, and providers of mental health treatment, but also as business consultants, educators and educational aids, administrators, guidance counsellors, criminal profilers, and more.

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