What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of the social aspects of human existence. How do social forces shape various identities, relations, and practices? What are the social meanings and actions through which individuals and groups make sense of their lives? By exploring the complexities and dynamics of social life, sociologists produce knowledge that is relevant to the worlds we inhabit.

Why Study Sociology at UAlberta?

Students work with leading scholars and outstanding teachers to learn about multiple interrelated facets of social life including families and communities, health and disability, race and racism, gender and sexuality, globalization and colonization, work and organizations, and natural and built environments. Students develop knowledge and skill in research methods and social theory.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Dynamic instructors in our department use real world examples, hands-on projects, lively discussion, popular culture, Community Service-Learning (CSL), and their own ongoing research to enliven and extend the classroom. CSL is designed to integrate hands-on community projects into academic courses, while the Arts Work Experience (AWE) program offers career-related, paid work experience through either the Arts Co-op Program or discipline specific internships. The Certificate in Applied Social Science Research also provides hands-on learning experiences through which students can develop practical research and critical thinking skills.

  • Sub-disciplines within Sociology
    Crime and Deviance; Cultural Studies; Family; Gender and Sexuality; Globalization; Health, Medicine, and Aging; Race and Ethnicity; Religion; Research Methods; Social Movements; Social Stratification; Social Theory; Work and Economy
  • What can I do with a Sociology degree?
    Sociology is a diverse field leading to a variety of careers. It provides skills that are in high demand in government, non-profit, business, and community sectors. After completing a BA in Sociology, students can also pursue graduate studies (Masters or PhD programs) or professional programs such as Law, Business (MBA), or Social Work.

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