Women's and Gender Studies

What is Women's and Gender Studies?

Women's and Gender Studies (WGS) is a field of study that encourages students to ask big questions about the way that gender impacts how we think, how we live, and how we understand ourselves and others. Within Women's and Gender Studies an emphasis is placed on the ways that gender, Indigeneity, race, class, age, sexuality, ability, and size work together. We are a hub for feminism, social justice studies, and engaged citizenship at the University of Alberta.

Why Study Women's and Gender Studies at UAlberta?

The Department of Women's and Gender Studies is committed to offering educational experiences that will ground students in the field while opening their minds to the possibilities across campus and throughout our communities. Our award-winning teachers and researchers offer a wide variety of exciting classes to students from across the university community. Our undergraduate programs allow students to access more than 25 courses offered by other units at the university, creating an educational experience organized around choice, depth, and diversity.

All courses in WGS train students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Given the emphasis on in-class participation, presentations, and independent research papers, students in WGS develop strong writing and researching abilities that can be applied in a wide variety of professional and postgraduate settings.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Our courses attract students from across the university, making our classes diverse and lively. Undergraduate students are encouraged to get involved with department activities; they attend our speaker series, volunteer to coordinate public lectures and to promote our programs at the University Open House. We offer a regular career event, we put undergraduate students in contact with graduates working in similar fields of interest, and we support students who hope to attend graduate school by offering application advice and grant writing sessions.

Students often work with our faculty members on independent research projects, and an annual undergraduate conference showcases student work. Community Service-Learning is offered in many classes and through these opportunities our students both contribute to and learn about community based organizations as well as connect their learning in the community to learning in the classroom.

  • Sub-disciplines within Women's and Gender Studies
    Faculty members in the Department of Women's and Gender Studies have a wide variety of research and teaching interests. Some areas of emphasis in our Department are:
    Gender and Social Justice - Past and Present
    Sexuality Studies
    Popular Culture & Media
    Feminist Theory
    Global Gender Issues
  • What can I do with a Women's and Gender Studies degree?
    Women's and Gender Studies prepares graduates to be engaged, curious, and active participants in their communities. Ultimately, our program is designed to offer you a solid base upon which to enter the workforce, to pursue further education, and to have an impact on the world

    Students work in not-for-profits, federal, provincial or territorial governments, policy development, law, social work, medicine, occupational therapy, editing, journalism, and communications.

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Students who major in Women's and Gender Studies often complement their degree with a minor in Sociology, English & Film Studies, or Political Science, but you can make connections between WGS and almost every other department or program on campus!

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