Undergraduate Programs

Academic Resources

Study Tools and Tips

  • Tutor Registry For specific help on a particular subject, there is nothing like help from people who know what they are doing. A listing of people who can help, by subject.
  • Academic Support Centre  Specific tools and techniques to assist individual students with their particular learning challenges, from learning strategies and resources to courses on how to write better.
  • Library Instruction Classes  If you are going to live in the library anyway, you might as well look like you know what you are doing.
  • Specialized Support and Disability Services Assisting students with physical and/or sensory disabilities, chronic health problems or learning disabilities with support services designed to equalize educational opportunities.

Appeals and Complaints

  • Student Ombudservice A joint service of the Students' Union and the Dean of Students, the Ombudservice is an impartial mediator and advisor for students in any academic or non-academic dispute with the university. Many links to other resources.
  • Code of Student Behaviour The expectations for students and student groups on campus. Specific, pointed legal stuff.
  • Office of Human Rights For complaints involving discrimination and harassment at the University of Alberta.
  • Office of the Dean of Students Support and services to all students. Includes a link to all university student services.
  • University Calendar The primary resource for students in their academic dealings with the university. It's big. It's cumbersome. It's the law.

Books and Materials

  • Subtitles The Students' Union's own used/consignment bookstore.
  • Used Book Registry Buy or sell old textbooks.
  • Exam Registry Old exams, available on-line for free! Over 3,000 exams are available, with more added each month!
  • Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg transcribes and posts texts that have entered the public domain—so that old Locke text you need for your philosophy course may be waiting here for you. Save a few bucks, and a few trees while you're at it.
  • University Bookstore Your main source for University-related course materials.
  • Chapters-Indigo Books Compare prices for your textbooks on-line while you download a frappuccino.

Courses and Grades

  • USRI Course Evaluation Why are there only 30 people registered in a section of 200? Maybe there's something you didn't know.
  • Faculties and Departments A complete listing of university faculties and departments. Not such a small school after all!
  • Get Grades/Register Online No more walking across campus to a professor's office for your marks, only to find they haven't been posted.
  • Registration Procedures So you think you're returning next year? Maybe you should read this.
  • Special Registrations Includes information on intersession (the nicest time of year on campus), plus special programs and travel studies.
  • U of A Course List University of Alberta course list.
  • University Calendar The primary resource for students in their academic dealings with the university. It's big. It's cumbersome. It's the law.

Studying and Working Abroad

  • International Centre Resources for internationalizing your education.
  • AIESEC Each year AIESEC provides over 4,000 students and recent graduates with the opportunity to live and work abroad in one of 100 countries in the areas of business, information technology, engineering and community development. AIESEC also offers leadership and conference opportunities to its members.
  • Canada World Youth   Canada World Youth creates exchange programs to increase people's ability to participate actively in the development of just, harmonious and sustainable societies.
  • IAESTE IAESTE exchanges students from more than 70 countries for practical training relevant to their studies.
  • Study Abroad A comprehensive listing of opportunities to study, by country.
  • WUSC WUSC's mandate is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training. They offer undergraduate and post-graduate internships abroad.
  • Youth Challenge International International environmental internships and leadership opportunities.
  • Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Work Abroad Opportunities