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Student Stories

UAlberta Arts students have amazing stories to tell. Hear from real students, both past and present, about their experiences. Read on to get to know our programs, professors and all that Arts has to offer!

Madisen Gee, BA

English Major  - Forgiveness is hard (and other lessons from the Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders).


Jeannie Bennett, BA

Psychology major - Jeannie has been inspired to help those experiencing domestic violence.


Ranya El-Sharkawi, BA (Hons)

Political Science major - From rowing to a legal internship in Washington, D.C. to an African Music course, Ranya is doing a bit of it all!


Sarah Kent, '15 BA

Political Science major - An independent Arts research project lead Sarah to med school.


Maria Regina de la Fuente, BA

Psychology major - Through volunteering Ginny gets an international experience, right here on campus.

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Rachel Weiringa, BA

English major - Rachel transferred from Science to Arts thanks to her first year English course.

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Craig Farkash, '16 BA

Anthropology & Classics double major - Craig experienced learning in way he never imagined possible thanks to a term abroad.

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