Undergraduate Programs

Maria Regina De la Fuente

Maria Regina De la Fuente, also known as Ginny, is pursuing a BA degree in Psychology. A few of her favorite things include warm days, serene nights, and some disco music. She continually aspires to seek the beautiful.

What transferable skills have you learned during your degree that you will, or already have, used in the workplace?

As a Psychology student, I study behaviours and the different factors that affect them. The knowledge that I’ve gained has provided me with more insight and perspective with how I socially interact with people. My degree has definitely made social interactions easier for me. 

Did you take advantage of any unique opportunities on campus or abroad that you would recommend?

Volunteer with UAlberta’s International Student Services! Volunteering with the international community is a unique and culturally enriching experience that has nurtured my interpersonal skills and has taught me to think in a more global perspective. Another great aspect of volunteering is that you make friends with people from different parts of the world! 

What are your recommendation on handling the stressful times of the school year, like midterms and finals?

As unconventional as it may be, keeping myself busy with work and volunteering helps me organize and de-stress myself for midterms and exams. I find this crazy tactic makes me stay focused on my tight schedule as it leaves no room for procrastination. 

Also, school is tough! So, it’s important to ask questions and seek help from advisors, professors, and friends. Don’t be afraid to initiate a conversation with your seatmate. I’m sure your seatmate will appreciate it.

Stop by the USS office (HC 1-17) to speak to an advisor or check out the Arts student resources available online.

What is something that you wish you could tell yourself 3 years ago? 

Get involved on campus! You will meet inspiring people, and they will teach you life hacks you never knew and skills that you will carry for the rest of your life. The most rewarding part of my degree is knowing that I’ve met people who are so inspiring and so genuine. Those moments are so enlightening as it inspires me to give back all the positive energy and guidance that I’ve received from others. 

Edited for length and clarity, Fall 2018.