3 Societies Meeting


Welcome to the Three Societies Meeting 2016

Welcome to Transitions: The Eighth British-North American Joint Meeting of the BSHS, CSHPS, and HSS.  The Three Societies Meeting will be held on the North Campus of the University of Alberta located along the south shore of the North Saskatchewan River.  The heart of the meeting will be the Galleria between the Tory and Business buildings where registration, the book exhibit, breakfast, and coffee breaks will be held. Conference sessions will take place in the Tory building.

The three plenary sessions will take place at the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS).  In lieu of a reception on Friday 24, we are proud to offer a reading of 'Radical', a Canadian play written by a fellow historian of medicine, Charles Hayter, concerning early resistance to radical mastectomies in Canada in the 1970s. The reading will take place at the beautiful Timms Centre for the Arts, a short walk from the meeting venue. The closing banquet will be held at the Faculty Club, which offers panoramic views of Edmonton's River Valley.