3 Societies Meeting


0900: Concurrent Session A

  • Evolutionary Futures: Transitioning Narratives on the Natural History of Humanity (Location: Tory 1-93)
    Chair: Hesketh, Ian
    Organizer: Hesketh, Ian

    Evolution and Eschatology: From Charles Bonnet to Transhumanism
    Harrison, Peter

    Degeneration, Heat Death, and the Future Evolution of Man
    Hesketh, Ian

    Feminist Evolutionisms: Theories of Creativity, Change, and Connection
    Sellberg, Karin

  • Images and Art in Science (Location: Tory 1-125)
    Chair: Shackelford, Jole

    Cut to the Point: How the production of woodblocks for relief printing in the sixteenth century influenced the representations of anatomy in Andreas Vesalius’s ‘De humani corporis fabrica’
    Bellis, Richard

    Ovide Brunet, the Atelier Photographique de Livernois & Cie., and Sites et végétaux du Canada: The Art and Science of Early Canadian Botanical Photography
    Cull, Brendan

    Sincere hand and a faithful eye: Epistemic virtue and authority in Robert Hooke’s Micrographia
    Palmer, Benjamin
  • Newton Redux (Location: Tory 1-108)
    Chair: Principe, Lawrence

    Groping Toward Linear Regression Analysis: Newton’s Analysis of Hipparchus’ Equinox Observations
    Belenkiy, Ari

    Scientific Universalism and the Experimental Philosophy of Isaac Newton
    Grier, Jason

    From ancient Egypt to modern methods: Transitions in Newtonian scholarship
    Schilt, Cornelis J.
  • Performing Astronomy Since the Eighteenth Century (Location: Tory 1-91)
    Organizer: Golinski, Jan
    Commentator: Smith, Robert

    The View from Here, There and Nowhere? Situating the Observer in the Planetarium and in the Solar System.
    Bigg, Charlotte

    Sublime Astronomy: The Eidouranion of Adam Walker and His Sons.
    Golinski, Jan

    Missing Links? Between Nineteenth-Century Theatrical Orreries and Modern Planetariums.
    Huang, Hsiang-Fu

    Astronomy between solemnity and spectacle: the Adler Planetarium and the Chicago world exhibitions of 1893 and 1933-4.
    Raposo, Pedro

  • Science in the Cold War (Location: Tory 1-129)
    Chair: Ede, Andrew

    How US Science moved West: Boulder, Colorado and the development of US space sciences in mid-twentieth century America
    Bassi, Joe

    Cold War Science on the Fringe: The UFO as Scientific Object
    Dorsch, Kathryn

    US philanthropy and the scientific field in Turkey in the early cold war era
    Yalcinkaya, Mehmet Alper
  • Sound Science (Location: Tory 1-113)
    Chair: Hunt, Bruce

    Music, Noise and Silence: the muted history of understandings of hearing risk through music.
    Jamieson, Annie

    Inside the Chamber of Silence: Phyllis M.T. Kerridge’s Standardisation of Audiometric Tests
    Virdi-Dhesi, Jaipreet and McGuire, Coreen

    The American Society for Psychical Research, 1884-9: A Reconsideration
    Sommer, Andreas

1100: Concurrent Session B

  • Disciplines in Transition: Postwar Encounters Between Design, Mathematics and Engineering (Location: Tory 1-91)
    Chair: Kim, Clare
    Commentator: Harwood, John
    Organizer: Kim, Clare
    Organizer: Vardouli, Theodora

    “Demo or Die!”: the Architecture Machine Group, Responsive Environments, and the “Neuro-Computational” Complex
    Halpern, Orit

    Mathematics Meets Design: Ray and Charles Eames and the Aesthetics of the Mathematica Exhibit
    Kim, Clare

    Maps Laced With Data: Designing the Computational Image, Imagining Computational Design, 1959-1970
    Llach, Daniel Cardoso

    “To See in a Hard Intellectual Light”: Graph Theory and Design Theory in the LUBFS Centre
    Vardouli, Theodora
  • Evolution and Natural History in the 19th Century (Location: Tory 1-129)
    Chair: McOuat, Gordon

    The Importance of Simultaneous Transitions: Anatomical Modelling and the Rise of Evolutionary Theory.
    Martin, Rebecca

    Finding Natural Selection at the Ends of the Earth
    Owen, Janet

  • Indian Science (Location: Tory 1-108)
    Chair: Wujastyk, Dominik

    Diagnostics, Senses, and Subjectivities in Transition: Classical Āyurveda and Contemporary Āyurvedic Practice
    Brooks, Lisa

    Translations and Transitions: Muhammad Iqbal’s Ilm Ul-Iqtesad and Two Languages of Economic Science in Late Colonial India
    Chaudhry, Faisal

  • Institutional Transactions of Early Modern Science (Location: Tory 1-93)
    Chair: Omodeo, Pietro Daniel
    Organizer: Omodeo, Pietro Daniel

    The Early Modern ‘Stammbuch’: A Transition from Informal to Institutional Networking
    Avxentevskaya, Maria

    Mathematical Teaching from the Faculty of Arts to the Institution of the Royal Lecturers in Early Sixteenth-Century France
    Axworthy, Angela

    Science without Academies? Academies and the Patronage of Science in Early-Modern Portugal
    Carolino, Luís Miguel

    The Transition from Renaissance Academies to Scientific Societies
    Giannini, Giulia

    The Transition from Renaissance Humanism to Reformed Scholarship: Perspectives on Science at Melanchthonian Universities
    Omodeo, Pietro Daniel

  • Perception of Ideas at the Boundary of Science and Technology (Location: Tory 1-113)
    Chair: Mitchell, Benjamin

    The Changes of History of Technology in China since Needham’s work: from the View of the History of Mechanical Engineering
    Shi, Xiaolei

    Formation of the Terminology on Electricity in the Late Ottoman Period: Risala of Yahya Naci Efendi vs. Majmua of Bash Hoca Ishaq Efendi
    Toprak, A. Haris

    Wireless Worlds: Transitions in wireless communications and associated etymological shifts at the turn of the twentieth century
    Bruton, Elizabeth

  • Transitions of Power: cultural biographies of electricity in Russia, India and Britain, 1880-1939 (Location: Tory 1-125)
    Chair: Kay, Michael
    Organizer: Kay, Michael

    “New Wine in New Bottles”: Marketing Electricity as ‘Everyday’ Technology in Urban Colonial India c. 1890-1915
    Chatterjee, Animesh

    ‘For Health’s sake – Use Electricity’: Electrical Advertising in interwar Britain.
    Coleman, Paul

    Constructing Images of Electricity – Marketing Strategies of Foreign Companies in Russia (1880 – 1917)
    Nikiforova, Natalia

1400: Concurrent Session C

  • Astronomy From the Naked Eye to the Edge of Knowledge (Location: Tory 1-125)
    Chair: Smith, Robert

    “Horrid Quasar”: Scientific Controversy and the Boundaries of Acceptable Research
    Becker, Barbara J.

    Arab World Science: Transnational Astronomy and Modern Egypt
    Determann, Jörg Matthias

    Mechanical Thinking in Ptolemaic Astronomy
    Hamm, Elizabeth
  • Editing a scientific journal in the long eighteenth century (Location: Tory 1-91)
    Chair: Moxham, Noah
    Commentator: Fyfe, Aileen
    Organizer: Moxham, Noah

    “Correspondence and Kirwan”: Lorenz Crell’s editorial tactics for establishing his chemical journal in Britain during the 1780s
    Gielas, Anna

    "This discovery is a grand desideratum in science." Exploring the Transition from Colonial to Cosmopolitan Science, 1755 - 1859
    MacDonald, J. Marc

    Following Henry Oldenburg: the next generation of scientific editors in Britain (1677-1727)
    Moxham, Noah

    ‘This discovery is a grand desideratum in science:’ Exploring the Transition from Colonial to Cosmopolitan Science, 1755-1859.
    MacDonald, J. Marc
    ‘This discovery is a grand desideratum in science:’ Exploring the Transition from Colonial to Cosmopolitan Science, 1755-1859.
    MacDonald, J. Marc
  • Intersections (Location: Tory 1-113)
    Chair: Welchman, Jennifer

    Paradoxes of Authority: Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement
    Schulte, Samuel

    From Bibles to banknotes: Victorian microscopic writing and the wonder in things
    Kennedy, Meegan

    Between biomedical and psychological experiments : the unexpected connections between the Pasteur Institute and the study of ape mind in early twentieth century France
    Thomas, Marion

  • Reaching out with HPS: engaging with diverse disciplines, sectors and publics (Location: Tory 1-93)
    Chair: Jamieson, Annie
    Commentator: Stark, James
    Organizer: Jamieson, Annie

    Off the Shelf: The Use of Museum Collections in the Teaching of History of Science, Technology and Medicine.
    Coleman, Paul

    Discovery: Exploiting the Potential of History and Philosophy of Science to Enhance University Curricula.
    Jamieson, Annie

    History-onics: adventures with thespians!
    Kay, Michael
  • Sky and Earth: Geology and Meteorology in the U.K. (Location: Tory 1-129)
    Chair: Cormack, Lesley

    Mediating landscapes: picturesque sensibility and early geology in Britain
    Ksiazkiewicz, Allison

    Historical geographies of meteorology in late-Victorian Britain
    Naylor, Simon

    Newton, the Newtonians, and the Burnet Controversy
    Rossetter, Thomas