3 Societies Meeting


0900: Concurrent Session A

  • Archetype or Stereotype? (Location: Tory 1-125)
    Chair: McOuat, Gordon

    The Archetype of the Whore: The Challenge for Women in Science
    Gordon, Robin L.

    Fashionability and Credibility in the Royal Society and Académie des Sciences, 1660-1700
    Harrison, Sadie

    ‘Where C. P. Snow’s two cultures are brought together’: The Royal Institution in the 1950s and 1960s
    Cole, Rupert
  • Configuring and Reconfiguring the 'Pure' and the 'Applied' in the History of the Mathematical Sciences (Location: Tory 1-93)
    Chair: Dryer, Theodora J.
    Organizer: Dryer, Theodora J.

    Confidence Planning and the Applied Statistician: A History of Depression-Era Rationality, 1920-1940
    Dryer, Theodora J.

    Negotiating Theory and Practice in Twentieth-Century Mathematical Modeling
    Kjeldsen, Tinne Hoff

    The Mathematics of Human Defect, 1908-1935
    Porter, Theodore M.

    Making Math Matter: Pure and Applied Approaches to Mathematics Instruction in Early American Textbooks
    Redman, Emily
  • Late Scholasticism and the Scientific Revolution (Location: Tory 1-108)
    Chair: Rampelt, Jason M.
    Organizer: Rampelt, Jason M.

    The Paduan Heresy
    Palmieri, Paolo

    Francisco Suarez, Instrumentalism, and English Natural Philosophy
    Rampelt, Jason M.

  • On the Body (Location: Tory 1-91)
    Chair: Bower, Shannon Stunden

    Anatomical Generation Games: The Parkers of Pimlico
    Crane, Rosi

    Extrascientific Factors in Electrophysiology Transitions, c. 1740–1830
    Wagner, Darren N.

    “The Colour-blindness of thinkers”: Friedrich Nietzsche, Physiological Aesthetics, and Physio-Aesthetic Epistemology
    Mitchell, Benjamin
  • Practical Chemistry: Industry and War (Location: Tory 1-129)
    Chair: Ede, Andrew

    Double Transit: the Chemical and Industrial Revolutions, 1760-1840.
    Christie, John R.R.

    Prelude to the Chemists’ War: The Murky Pre-History of Chemical Weapons
    Ede, Andrew

    Chemical warfare in World War I: What were the “poison gases” used?
    Gal, Joseph
  • Understanding Through Traditional Knowledge (Location: Tory 1-113)
    Chair: Cormack, Lesley

    The Science of Optics in Tradition and Transition: Discussions of Vertigo from 1st-Century CE Greece to 11th-Century Egypt
    Americo, Maria

    On the Language and Wisdom of the Indians: Friedrich Schlegel and early 19th century Philology
    Palmieri, Kristine

    Patronage as an Agent? Ali al-Quchji’s Intellectual Adventure from Samarqand to Istanbul
    Umut, Hasan

1100: Concurrent Session B

  • Case Studies of the Mind (Location: Tory 1-108)
    Chair: Dyck, Erica

    Exploring the technology of early experimental research into colour perception.
    Weidenhammer, Erich

    Les archives de la clinique externe de l’Hôpital Montfort d’Ottawa, 1976-2006: l’infirmière psychiatrique au sain de l’équipe multidisciplinaire
    Moya, Silvia Maria

  • Chemistry at the Guillotine. (Sponsored by FoHCS) (Location: Tory 1-91)
    Chair: Lloyd, Hattie
    Organizer: Lloyd, Hattie
    Organizer: Salomon, Charlotte Abney

    Spreading the Revolution: Guyton’s Fumigating Machine in Spain during the Napoleonic era
    Serrano, Elena

    Thomas Beddoes and the Reigns of Terror
    James, Frank A. J. L.

    Patriotic chemistry in the lecture theatre, London 1801-1812
    Lloyd, Hattie

    Chemistry and Revolution in Gustavian Sweden
    Salomon, Charlotte Abney
  • Knowledge from the Edge (Location: Tory 1-129)
    Chair: Hnatuk, Tyler
    Organizer: Hnatuk, Tyler
    Commentator: Lightman, Bernard

    Scientia Populi
    Atkinson, Bill

    The Digital Body: Whence and Whither?
    Dineen-Porter, Nox

    Intelligence Testing Methods in Ontario, c.1900-1925
    Hnatuk, Tyler

    Bridging the Borderland: Spirits and Science in a Victorian Spiritualist Periodical, 1893-1897
    Scott, Sabrina
  • Magic in Medicine and Math (Location: Tory 1-125)
    Chair: Mouat, Jeremy

    From Demonic Temptation to Divine Will: The place of magic in Agrippa’s De Occulta Philosophia Libri Tres
    Kavey, Allison

    The Devil’s Cure: Magical Medicine and the Problem of Plausibility in the Seventeenth Century
    Waddell, Mark A.

    Transitioning Between the Natural and the Divine: John Dee’s and Johannes Kepler’s use of Mathematics in Natural Philosophy
    Wessell, Erin

  • Plants from practice to print: early modern colonial botany in transition (Location: Tory 1-93)
    Chair: Terrall, Mary

    Sir Hans Sloane’s personal copy of his own book: A Voyage to…Jamaica (1707-25) and the transition from specimens to print
    Rose, Edwin

    Plants for Paradise? Pierre Poivre, Tropical Fruits, and Agricultural Reforms in Eighteenth-Century Isle de France (1767-1772)
    Brixius, Dorit

    Georg Joseph Kamel (1661-1706) and his correspondence network: Natural knowledge in transition between London, Madras, and Manila
    Kroupa, Sebestian

  • Science and Literature (Location: Tory 1-113)
    Chair: Lemire, Beverley

    The Evolution of the Origin: Rhetorical Transitions Between the First and Sixth Editions
    Gendron-Pontbriand, Eve-Marie

    Communicating Science through Fantasy in the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries
    Dihal, Kanta

    ‘Frenzy for fertilizer:Recycling human waste in the nineteenth-century French novel
    Mathias, Manon

1400: Concurrent Session C

  • Danger and Data: The Creation and Control of Information in Science (Location: Tory 1-113)
    Chair: Ede, Andrew

    Goodbye gumshoe, hello scientific super sleuth: how Wilmer Souder used standards, science, and secrets to engineer a new kind of expert witness
    Frederick-Frost, Kristen

    Contamination Along the Transnational Asbestos Commodity Chain, 1918-1977
    van Horssen, Jessica

    False Hope: the Ethics of Therapy for Children with Cancer, 1945-1970
    Rohrer, Robin
  • Heritable transitions: historical and philosophical reflections on the contemporary sciences of humans, animals, and plants (Location: Tory 1-91)
    Chair: Berry, Dominic
    Organizer: Berry, Dominic
    Organizer: Lefkaditou, Ageliki

    From pure lines to phytobricks: historicising plant synthetic biology
    Berry, Dominic

    The past in the present: race-related research and the normative force of history
    Fossheim, Hallvard

    From racial types to populations: the 1940s reinvention of American physical anthropology
    Lefkaditou, Ageliki

    From breeding to biopharming: molecular sheep in 1980s Scotland
    Myelnikov, Dmitriy

  • Into the Cold: Science in the North (Location: Tory 1-129)
    Chair: Shackelford, Jole

    The Canadian Arctic Survey of John Henry Lefroy, 1843-1844: Magnetic Instruments in Moments of Transition
    Goodman, Matthew

    “The changes in the face of the globe should be attended to:” Thomas Pennant and Arctic Zoology in the Enlightenment
    Miller, Emelin

    The Far North as a Chronobiological Laboratory
    Shackelford, Jole
  • Mathematical Problems: Application and Ideas (Location: Tory 1-113)
    Chair: Smith, Robert

    On the Brink of a Transition to a New Conceptual Framework for the History of Chinese Mathematics
    Au Yong, Ke-Xin

    Numbers as fairness: price indexes and capitalist governance
    Goux, Hippolyte

    Mathematical Diagrams in the Transition from Roll to Codex
    Lee, Eunsoo

  • Modern Science Issues (Location: Tory 1-125)
    Chair: Cormack, Lesley

    Comparative Comparative Psychology
    Arnet, Evan

    Why the British Didn’t Accept GM: Historical Perspectives
    Holmes, Matthew

    Rare earths, German radium, and the rise of nuclear physics in Berlin
    Roqué, Xavier

  • Religion and Science (Location: Tory 1-93)
    Chair: Lightman, Bernard

    From Natural Philosophy to Natural Religion: Teleology and the Theologia Rationalis
    Rossiter, Elliot

    Censoring Astrology in late sixteenth-century Italy: Coeli et terrae reconsidered
    Tarrant, Neil

    William Paley “in a French dress” : The French Translations of Natural Theology by C. Pictet de Rochemont
    Vandaele, Sylvie

1600: Concurrent Session D

  • Editors and Referees at Learned Society Journals in the 20th Century (Location: 1-91)

    Chair: Fyfe, Aileen
    Organizer: Fyfe, Aileen

    The coming of age of American Physical Society’s periodicals: Editorial strategies and refereeing practices of the Physical Review and its sister journals under John T. Tate’s editorship (1926-1950)
    Lalli, Roberto

    ‘For mercy’s sake, don’t send me any more papers to referee for a long time!’ The politics and pressures of peer-review at the Royal Society 1950-2015
    Rostvik, Camilla Mork

    The View from Here, There and Nowhere? Situating the Observer in the Planetarium and in the Solar System.
    Bigg, Charlotte

    Abstract Relations: American mathematical periodicals and the sociability of mid-twentieth century international mathematics
    Barany, Michael

  • Tech World/World Tech (Location: Tory 1-93)

    Chair: McOuat, Gordon

    From Metallurgy to Materials Science: exploring disciplinary transitions through scientist’s life stories
    Horrocks, Sally

    Tracing – and trusting – the technological fix
    Johnston, Sean F.