3 Societies Meeting


0900: Concurrent Session A

  • Biology and Sociobiology (Location: Tory 1-93)

    Chair: Shackelford, Jole

    Synthetic Biology and the Ghost of Asilomar
    Campos, Luis

    Practicing Different Paradigms: Rupert Sheldrake’s “New Science”
    Hahn, Andre M.

    From group selectionto kin selection - and back? Science and commitment in biological transitions
    Segerstrale, Ullica

  • Food Science (Location: Tory 1-108)
    Chair:  Ede, Andrew

    Our mango or their mango: Puerto Ricans, their fruits and the Agricultural Experiment Station
    Espada-Brignoni, Teófilo

    “Perishing in the Cause of Science”: Justus von Liebig’s Food for Infants and the Laboratory’s Material Limits
    Lieffers, Caroline

    Food Fundamentalism: Diet as Science and Spiritual Practice
    Newell, Catherine L

  • Medical Knowedge: Generation and Application (Location: Tory 1-129)

    Chair: TBA

    Cultures of Quarantine: Framing Borderlands in the Eastern Mediterranean
    Dacome, Lucia

    “One Must Know Weights and Measures”: Adapting Classical and Biblical Metrology in Early Medieval Medical Texts
    Doolittle, Jeffrey

    Calculating the Circulation of Blood: Harvey’s De motu cordis (1628) as an Exercise in Accounting
    Neuss, Michael J.

  • The quantitative spirit in the physical sciences, 1700-1900 (Location: Tory 1-113)
    Chair: Bycroft, Michael

    Exactitude without numbers: law and error in the qualitative physics of Charles Dufay (1698-1739)
    Bycroft, Michael

    The demise and legacy of analytic crystallography
    Irish, Stephen

    Dimensions of meaning and the meaning of dimensions in James Clerk Maxwell’s mathematics of measurement: a social and disciplinary perspective
    Mitchell, Daniel Jon

    The Admiralty and the pluralisation of discipline
    Waring, Sophie

  • The Transition to Gender Equality since 1970s: New Challenges for the Under-representation of Women in Science (Location: Tory 1-91)

    Chair: Abir-Am, Pnina Geraldine

    March 25, 1972: Transition Day for U. S. Women Scientists?
    Rossiter, Margaret Walsh

    Addressing the “problem” of women in science and engineering in Canada: The Impact of the 1970’s
    Heap, Ruby

    STEM Ph.D. Programs and Women: Shaping Opportunity through US Policy and Institutional Change, the Decade
    of the 1980s.
    MacLachlan, Anne

    Paradoxes of transition to a NewField: The Problem of Mentorship for Women in Molecular Biology
    Abir-Am, Pnina Geraldine

  • Transitions in Western Canadian science: Establishing status and authority (Location: Tory 1-125)
    Chair: Mouat, Jeremy
    Organizer: Mouat, Jeremy
    Commentator: Bradford, Tolly

    Stories in Maps: The Transmission of Aboriginal Knowledge to European Cartographers, 1500-1900
    Binnema, Ted

    Frank Farley: A Pioneer Naturalist and Early Environmentalist in Alberta
    Mouat, Jeremy, Hvenegaard, Glen and Heather Marshall

    The Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration Goes to Ghana
    Bower, Shannon Stunden

1100: Concurrent Session B

1400: Concurrent Session C

  • Gender and the Health Sciences in Communist Europe (Location: Tory 1-129)
    Chair: Savelli, Mat
    Organizer: Savelli, Mat

    Sex between health and pleasure: Sexology and the quest for the female orgasm in communist Czechoslovakia
    Liskova, Katerina

    Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, and Threats to Women’s Health in Communist Yugoslavia
    Savelli, Mat

    Science, health and communist gender policies towards Muslim communities in post-WWII Yugoslavia
    Simic, Ivan

    Sex between health and pleasure: Sexology and the quest for the female orgasm in communist Czechoslovakia
    Liskova, Katerina
  • Periodicals, Publishers, and British Publics: Transitions in the Relationship Between Science and Religion (Location: Tory 1-91)
    Chair: Elsdon-Baker, Fern

    Darwin through God’s pen: representations of evolution in the British religious press, 1945-1985
    Hall, Alexander

    Periodical Reviewers and Draper’s History of the Conflict Between Science and Religion
    Lightman, Bernard

    British publishers as agents within evolution and religion debates, 1860-1890
    Nickerson, Sylvia

    Mapping the public endorsement of historicized myths about Darwin and evolutionary science
    Thompson, James

  • Plants and Print (Location: Tory 1-125)
    Chair: Brashear, Ronald

    Enchanted Ethnobotany: Plant names and Print Culture in Romantic Natural History
    Bil, Geoff

    The Print Identity of an Andean Wonder Drug: Printed Accounts of Cinchona Bark in Europe (1570-1800)
    Crawford, Matthew

    Size Matters: Flora, Florilegia, and the Foundations of Botanical Knowledge
    Opitz, Donald L.
  • Science From the Edge of Empire: Australia and South Africa (Location: Tory 1-113)
    Chair: Cormack, Lesley
    Commentator: Elsdon-Baker, Fern

    Colonial thinking about astronomy and the symbolism of the Australian flag
    Bush, Martin

    Demographic mapping beyond the state: the cartographic definitions of labour in early twentieth-century Southern Africa
    Haines, Elizabeth

    Lost in Transition: Reconfiguring Encounter and Scientific Collecting in Australia, 1817-1822
    Simpson, Daniel

  • The American Experience: Cases in Medicine and War (Location: Tory 1-93)
    Chair: Ede, Andrew

    Northern Science Goes to War: Science and the Federal Government during the US Civil War
    Rothenberg, Marc

    Making Medicine American: Benjamin Rush’s “American Editions” and the adaption of European Knowledge in Post-Revolutionary America
    Naramore, Sarah E.

    Refining a State: Technologies of Oil Refining and the Making of a Petroleum Society
    Lutz, Raechel
  • Theory and Practice: Case Studies From Evolution and Physics (Location: Tory 1-108)
    Chair: Jones, Kevin

    Mapping a Field in Transition : Physical Sciences in France from 1944 to 1968 through Social Network Analysis
    Verschueren, Pierre

    Between Problem Solving and Conceptual Development: The Correspondence Principle as a Research Tool (1918–1926)
    Jähnert, Martin