Undergraduate Student Research

Winners of the 2016 Roger S. Smith Research Award

Name Supervisor
 Title of Research Project

Chai, Cher-Ann

Harvey Krahn Sequencing and Timing of Transitions from Youth to Adulthood
Doyle, Gavin
English and Film Studies
Tom Wharton A Literary Geography of Edmonton
Fehr, Brad
Art and Design
Jesse Thomas Anthropocenic Individualism
Giesbrecht, Sarah
Jordan Lachler Nominalization Strategies in Plains Cree
Gillespie, Jessica
Art and Design
Sean Caulfield Exploration of Gender Performativity in Germany/Canada
Liuba, Gonzáles de Armas
Art and Design/Psychology
Elizabeth Boone Examining the Three Sites of Meaning in the Declaration of Havana 1961 Woodcut Series
Hughes, Mitchell
Valentina Galvani Debt Spillovers in the Canadian Federation
MacDonald, Callum
History and Classics
Dennis Sweeney Interwar Development of the Reichswehr, 1919 - 1939
Miller, Meagan
Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Russell Cobb Somos Felices Aquí: The Significance of Coppelia in Socialist Cuba
Pigford, Natasha
Dominique Clément Sexual Assault Policies on University Campuses
Romanek, Bart
Modern Languages and Cultural Studies/
History and Classics

Natalie Van Deusen
Imagining Women: An Exploration of Gender and Sexuality in Old Norse Literature and Vikings
Rose, Sarah
English and Film Studies
Robert Brazeau
Mimesis, Dialogism and the Uncanny in Postcolonial Literature
Tran, Emily
History and Classics
Susan L Smith
Nuclear Education: Teaching and Learning About Nuclear Weapons in the Cold War
Vandermolen-Pater, Nathan
Herb Colston
Pragmatic Effects of Hyperbole in Current English Usage
Walker, Daniel
Art and Design

Lisa Claypool
 Hutong Regeneration in Beijing: A Spatial Investigation