Undergraduate Student Research

Winners of the 2017 Roger S. Smith Research Award

Name Supervisor
 Title of Research Project

Breanna Barrington
Art and Design

Jesse Thomas Teambuilding and Empathy in Groups
Brittney Hubley
English and Film Studies
Janice Williamson Unstoppable Force, Meet Immovable Object: A Literary Cartography of Edmonton's ICE District
Cole Anderson
English and Film Studies/ Earth and Atmospheric Sciences) 
Marko Zivkovic Reclaiming Cultural Commons: An Ethnographic Investigation of Arts and Cultural Space in Belgrade's Urban Topography
Connor Meeker
Selena Couture Investigating the Historical Reenactment of Indigenous Treaty Signing
Dale Fisher
John Ives Prehistoric Human Mobility and Tool Use in Northeastern Alberta: An Analysis on the Distribution of Beaver River Sandstone Artifacts
Gabriela Arana
Dominiqué Clement Municipal Funding for Social Movements in Canada
Glen Brown
Eddy Kent Fin-De-Siecle Masculinity and the Inverted Male Gaze

Joshua Katz

Kim Noels  Estne latina lingua mortua vere? Motivation for learning Latin
Juliana McPhail
History and Classics
Shannon Stunden-Bower  Morality, Race, Class, and Ethnicity in Psychiatric Nursing
Laura McLean
History and Classics
Selina Stewart  Arthurian Linguistics: A Historical look at the legend of King Arthur
Meghan Brunelle
Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Jennifer Daily-O'Cain  English Influence on German Subordinate Clause Word Order
Meghan Hodgson
Marko Zivkovic Bridging the Gap Between Standardized Testing and Ethnographic Experience
Melissa Tirkha
Lisa Stroschein Caregiving: Consequences for Mental Well Being, Methods of Coping and Social Support
Narissa Estayo
Dominiqué Clement  State Funding for Sociao Movements in Canada: A Cross-National Survey
Qingchuan (QC) Gu
Political Science
 Reza Hasmath The Politics of Memory and the Chinese Culturla Revolution: National Commemoration, Neo-Maoism, and Implications for Chinese Economic Policy