Undergraduate Student Research

Winners of the 2018 Roger S. Smith Research Award

Name Supervisor
 Title of Research Project

Adam Hussein

Andrew McGee Do charter schools divert public resources or restrict special needs enrollment?
Amanda Rooney
(Environmental Studies) 
Helen Vallianatos Taking Stock of Edmonton's Food Security Initiatives: What's Next? 
Bryce Wittrock
Ben Tucker Alberta Dialects: An Exploration of Albertan Vowels 
Dempsey Nobert
(Political Science)
James Muir Bargaining Dynamics in Canadian Health  Care 
Devon Heath
Sandra Wiebe Relations between parenting, screen time, and executive function in early childhood.
Erin Hashimoto
Jorge Emilio Rosès Labrada A Digital Corpus of Makah Oral Stories
Hannah Rudderham
(History and Classics)
 Heather Coleman Canadian Media Portrayal of the Soviet Experiment from Lenin to Stalin
Jasrin Dhatt
(Art & Design)
Jesse Thomas Hybrid Spaces
Jonah Dunch
Kenneth Williams Dramatizing Edmonton's Chinatowns: A Study in Intercultural Dramaturgy and Historical Adaptation 
Kathy Milanowski
(Art & Design)
Gillian Harvey Improving Patient Experience
Mackenzie Wiebe
(English and Film Studies)
Harvey Quamen Genres of Mental Health Discourse on the Internet 
Max Novotny
Sandra Bucerius Qualitative Sociological Study of Fentanyl and Street Life in Edmonton
Michael Jenkins
Selena Couture Butoh Praxis: Transference and Essential Expression in the Phenomenology of the Body-Spirit 
Scott Jackshaw
(English and Film Studies)
Karyn Ball "The Possibility of Not Speaking": Affects of Forgiveness in the Government of Canada's Apology to LGBTQ2 Canadians 
Thomas Banks
(Political Science) 
John Church Canada: Our Constitution, Crown and Country