Faculty Composers: Echo of Nothing

Faculty Composers: Echo of Nothing

March 9, 2018 @ 7 30 PM
Timms Centre

“Every something is an echo of nothing” ― John Cage Faculty composers, Howard Bashaw, Mark Hannesson, Scott Smallwood and Andriy Talpash with new works for Guillaume Tardif, Roger Admiral, and the Edmonton Saxophone Quartet.

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  • 1. Program

    WIDDENDREAMS | Andriy Talpash

    WHERE THE BULL DOZES | Scott Smallwood


    UNDECLARED | Mark Hannesson

    12 FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO (2017) | Howard Bashaw

  • 3. Notes


    Andriy Talpash | World Premiere

    Edmonton Saxophone Quartet Soprano: Allison Balcetis Alto: Raymond Baril
    Tenor: Charles Stolte Baritone: Chee Meng Low Soloist: William Street

    Program Notes:

    ‘Widdendream’ is an old Scottish term meaning a state of mental disturbance or confusion, madness, frenzy; essentially, a wild fit. It can also mean a nightmare, and in old English means “in mad joy”. I found this term online, just surfing around the internet, and was captivated by its meanings and the word itself. Even though this piece was
    written in a state of relative calm, the title seemed appropriate for the frenetic energy in this work. Widdendreams (plural) became, for me, explorations of various moments of the nightmarish and maddening nature of one’s dream(s).



    Scott Smallwood | Canadian Premiere | 4-channel electroacoustic work

    Program Notes:

    In Pauline Oliveros’s Some Sound Observations, she tells a story about
    a bulldozer crashing into her home while she is eating lunch. Later, she wonders, tongue firmly in cheek, about “the sound of a bull dozing.” While my piece does not include either of those sounds, it does contain many field recordings collected in Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Alberta, which is one of the last places on Earth where wild wood bison roam, along with many other endangered mammals and birds. The
    park is vast, and mostly far away from human-made civilization, but
    its waters are under constant threat from the bulldozers and other machinery of Canadian oil sands mining operations. This piece, which was commissioned by Harvestworks and Issue Project Room for World Listening Day 2017, is dedicated to Oliveros, who reminded us that

    “natural sound is healing sound.”



    Mark Hannesson | Canadian Premiere Whistling & Electronics: Mark Hannesson

    Program Notes:

    On October 20, 2006 a drone attack in Pakistan struck a school (madrasa). 80–82 civilians, including 68–70 children were killed. One alleged militant was killed. The attack took place on the day a peace agreement was
    to be signed between Islamabad and the Bajaur Agency militants. The agreement was not signed.

    In this piece one note for each child is played.



    Howard Bashaw | World Premiere Violin: Guillaume Tardif

    Piano: Roger Admiral

    Part 1

    1. I  Toccatella 1, right - you just never know

    2. II  At The Old, Forgotten Park Bench - First Reflection

    3. III  Blink, Don’t Blink

    4. IV  At The Old, Forgotten Stone Wall

    5. V  Stops, Don’t Stop

    6. VI  In a Sad, Soft Weave of Waiting Shadows


    Part 2

    1. VII  Toccatella 2, Whirl

    2. VIII  At The Old, Forgotten Park Bench -Second Reflection

    3. IX  blunt-shift irritant

    4. X  still now, the dancer remembers and imagines

    5. XI  Collage: Quiet, Please

    6. XII  The Buzz Returns


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