Resonance Prism

[POSTPONED] Resonance Prism

October 18, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.*
Convocation Hall

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforseen circumstances, this concert has been postponed. Please check back later for updates. Thank you for your patience.

A celebratory retrospective of the compositions of Professor Emeritus Howard Bashaw. Bashaw's dense, complex language is brought to life by virtuosic performers across many genres, including chamber, choral and solo piano.

  • 1. Program
    Music of composer Howard Bashaw

    The Chapel* ( 2006)

    from 15 for Piano** (2012)
    The Dreaded Lyres of Sirenum Scopuli
    Checkered Present
    Homage, Monet
    Dita Battenti

    from Music for Alto Saxophone and Piano*** (2006, revised 2010)
    Interlude, Opp. 1

    from Seven Movements for Solo Violin or Solo Viola (2010, revised 2019)
    HyperSplice - Framing Alea

    12M-4P-15m** (2001, revised 2019)
    Part 1
    1) Linear Continua
    2) Counter-Linear Continua
    3) Meccanico Eccentrico, The Wow Machine, tick-tock, tick-tock…
    4) Tempo Collage, Floating Palindrome Continua: Octatonic Wisps
    5) Balancing React, Palindromes and Symmetry, or:
    you just never know what can happen when things come apart suddenly
    6) Serein
    7) Erratic-Alea, Fitting Time-Tiles

    Part 2
    8) Surge, Speed-Shift Canon: a precarious climb up the peculiar ratchet-ladder
    9) Eccentripetal, Balancing Time: Rhythmic Unison and the Geometry of Convergence
    10) Counterveil, Chalumeau
    11) Mixed for Meta, Unknown Signals Incoming Outgoing
    12) The Return of Boogie Demon 2

    ~ intermission ~

    The Resonance Prism** (2012, revised 2019)
    Part 1
    No. 1) Pane of Shapes, Shadows, Murmurs and Motions
    No. 2) Pane of Rays and Reflections
    No. 3) Pane of Harmonies 1: Harmonic Continuum
    No. 4) Pane of Harmonies 2: Sounds and Silences
    No. 5) Pane of Harmonies 3: Triptych

    Part 2
    No. 6) Pane of Pointillism
    No. 7) Pane of Patterns and Pulses
    No. 8) Pane of Fragments and Splinters
    No. 9) Pane of Distant, Inner Light
    No. 10) Pane of Last Light

    Loops: 5 Shorts (2010, revised 2014)
    Off-Tick Groove
    Skater Scatter
    and what goes around
    Off-Beat Skitter

    from Seven Movements for Solo Violin or Solo Viola (2010, revised 2019)

    from 12 for Violin and Piano (2017, revised 2019)
    Toccatella 2, Whirl
    At The Old, Forgotten Park Bench - First Reflection
    Stops, Don't Stop!
    The Buzz Returns

    from Preludes, Book 2**** (2000, revised 2015)
    Behind a Quiet (in memory, Ernesto Lejano)
    Interlude - Between Quiets
    Behind Another Quiet - To the Edge (in memory, Marek Jablonski)

    from Preludes, Book 1**** (1997, revised 2015)
    Boogie Demon - Let's Go

    I Coristi Chamber Choir, conducted by Rob Curtis
    Rob Spady, clarinets
    Allison Balcetis and William Street, saxophones
    Guillaume Tardif, violin
    Amy Nicholson, cello
    Roger Admiral, piano
    Andriy Talpash, conductor
    Jen Mesch, Alison Kause, and Jeannie Vandekerkhove, dancers

    Electroacoustic part for The Resonance Prism created by Scott Smallwood.

    * commissioned by The Augustana Choir, Camrose. AB
    ** commissioned through the Canada Council for the Arts
    *** commissioned through the Alberta Foundation for the Arts
    **** commissioned through the CBC Radio Music Dept.
  • 2. Bios

    Originally from White Rock, B.C., Canadian composer Howard Bashaw is a graduate of the University of British Columbia (DMA, 1989). He was a faculty member in the Department of Music at the University of Alberta from 1993 to 2018. Prior to this, he taught at the University of British Columbia and the Université Canadienne en France.

    Working in the acoustic medium, Bashaw's compositions range from solo instruments to full orchestra. Stylistically, the music is broadly contemporary. The diverse scores are notated in conventional, aleatoric, graphic and hybrid formats. Forming a separate category, the works for solo piano are typically large and virtuosic.

    Bashaw has received commissions through the Canada Council for the Arts, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the CBC Radio Music Department. Premiering ensembles include: Vancouver New Music, New Music Concerts, Société de musique contemporaine du Québec, The Hard Rubber Orchestra, The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, The Now Age Orchestra, The Hammerhead Consort, Standing Wave Ensemble, Duo Majoya, Duo Kovalis, The EastWest Quartet, The Augustana Choir and The Continuum Ensemble (London, UK). CD releases include: 15 for Piano (CMC Centrediscs, 2015, Roger Admiral, piano), Hard Rubber, Hard Elastic (Arktos, 2008, various artists), Form Archimage (Arktos, 2004, various artists), and Bashaw (Arktos, 2000, various artists).