The Road to Django

The Road to Django

January 18, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.
Convocation Hall

Travel back to mid-century Paris and lose yourself in the sizzling sounds of Hot Club jazz performed by clarinetist Don Ross, violinist Cam Neufeld and The Gadjo Collective. Enjoy continental jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt, Stéphane Grappelli and the Roma, Turkish and Balkan music that inspired them.
  • 1. Program
    Indian traditional

    Delhi Twostep
    Cam Neufeld

    Naomi Campbell Comes to Town
    Cam Neufeld

    Shour Thing
    Cam Neufeld

    Tarlibashi Lullaby/Kasap Havasi
    Cam Neufeld/Turkish traditional

    Ederlesi/Amari Tzi Amari
    Roma traditional

    Cold Like That/Romani Romp
    Billie Zizi/Cam Neufeld

    Djelem Djelem/Minor Swing
    Roma trad/Django Reinhardt


    Dino Oliveri

    Swing 39/Swing 42/Swing 48
    Django Reinhardt

    Blue Drag
    Joe Myrow

    Django Reinhardt

    Si Tu Savais
    Georges Ulmer

    Macedonian traditional

    Puerta del Sol
    Cam Neufeld

    Veish a No Drom
    Ninine Garcia

    Reeling in Rila
    Cam Neufeld

    Hora de Clejan
    Tod Taraful
  • 2. Bios

    A long time fixture in the Edmonton music scene, Cam Neufeld has played his own style of fiddle music in clubs and festivals across the prairies and around the world. Cam has journeyed many times over the last 20 years tracing the route of the Roma from India through Turkey, the Balkans, France and Spain, and studying and composing music inspired by this journey. Cam has two solo albums and recently the Gadjo Collective has put out a CD called Balkan Jam .

    Clarinetist Don Ross plays some 150 shows a year, split between classical, jazz, world and experimental music. He plays regularly with such groups as Saint Crispin's Chamber Ensemble, the Gadjo Collective, the Alberta Symphony, The Billie Zizi Swing Band and many others. He teaches clarinet at the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, The King's University and MusiCamp Alberta. He studied at the Universities of Alberta and Toronto and at Northwestern in Chicago.

    Billie Zizi deftly combines the groove of classic soul with a flair for contemporary R&B melody. Her first record, 2015's Gun Metal Dress , a more jazz-influenced LP, featured unconventional time signature shifts, more straightforward guitar work, and some classic, scat-inspired vocal work. Her second full-length album, 2016's Moon Of Honey , showed a growing artist comfortable with taking sonic risks while maintaining a shrewd pop sensibility in composition.

    Keith Rempel discovered his life passion for music following his first year at the University of Alberta. His talents and skill developed as he studied in the Grant MacEwan music program, where he focused on mastering the acoustic stand-up bass. The first blind graduate of the Grant MacEwan program, Rempel's instinct for pitch is extraordinary and his good ear and sense of his surroundings helps him blend seamlessly with his other performers.

    Daniel Akira Stadnicki holds a Ph.D. in Music from the University of Alberta. With the support of a Vanier Scholarship, Daniel's dissertation research explores musical narratives and representations of Iranian Baha'i persecution, focusing on the global aesthetics of 'Persianness' in the Baha'i Faith. Daniel currently works as a drumming instructor at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music and has published on drumming topics in the Journal of Popular Music Education and The Drummer's Journal .

    Lisi Sommer holds a BMus in vocal performance from the U of A. She began singing jazz and Mexican music, playing guitar and writing folk songs, gracing many of Edmonton's open stages. Her own world music trio, Gitana Mundo, has toured festivals in Alberta and British Columbia with Spanish repertoire. Lisi helps host a monthly hot club gypsy jazz jam and is head of production at Edmonton's Yardbird Suite.

    Roya Yazdanmehr is a singer-songwriter for whom musicianship is a powerful gateway for the expression of personal truths and reflections on spirituality and love. The power of Roya's music emanates from the enduring sincerity and tenderness of her lyricism, which testifies to her spirited, sometimes genre-defying sense of creative possibility. She is currently working on her debut album, Breath & Being , set to release in 2020.