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Miriam Rudolph


February 21 - March 18 at FAB Gallery

Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 2, 2017 from 7-10 p.m.

This exhibition is the final visual presentation for the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking.

In my artworks, I address issues of agribusiness models in developing countries, the ensuing environmental consequences of the expansion of soy and beef production, as well as connected indigenous land rights and peasant food sovereignty issues. The imagery in my work is inspired by first hand observations in Paraguay, South America – the country of my childhood. Through printmaking, I am building a visual narrative that not only analyzes but also embodies the issues I am addressing. While my research and imagery pertain to a specific region in South America, the issues I address are global issues and also lend themselves to comparison with Canada's colonial heritage and agricultural practices. The resulting artworks will contribute to the internationally relevant dialogue on such issues as cultural change, sustainable farming and the environment, dispossession and migration, while bringing international attention to the rapid alteration and destruction of the Paraguayan Chaco.

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