AWE Student Stories

Self-Care in University — Why Reading Week shouldn’t just be for reading
Josh Hillaby learns first-hand the importance of self-care

The New Year: Expectation vs. Reality
Set your New Year's resolutions, just make them attainable

The Triumphs and Troubles of Communication 
Knowing your stuff is one thing, but can you communicate it?

My struggles with the student-to-worker transition
Arts Work Experience intern Joshua Hillaby shares the surprises of his new job

Networking doesn't need to be scary, it can be fun!
A former U of A student encourages students to embrace networking opportunities

Never stop moving
Economics grad Crystal Ren carved her own path to success in the business world

Interview with an intern by Work of Arts
In this special Q & A, a psychology student discusses how taking on an internship placement has changed her outlook on school and the future 

Putting an Arts degree to work
Arts student Nicole Liesner reflects back on her internships with the Arts Work Experience program, which helped her realize the full potential of an Arts degree

Transitioning to full-time work
Arts Work Experience student Bryce Schmode shares his tips for transitioning from school to full-time work
 and how to achieve a work-life balance when you suddenly find yourself with evenings free from schoolwork

The benefits of a work experience
From relevant career experience to regular pay cheques, Bryce Schmode shares the benefits of being an Arts Work Experience student

Getting the most out of your work experience 
Arts Work Experience student Bryce Schmode has learned that variety is the spice of life in the workplace. He outlines his tips for optimizing a co-op position 


Min-maxing your internship experience 
AWE student Kristina Drozdiak says being a student intern feels a bit like being a superhero, and suggests ways super interns can get the most out of their experience

The Great Perhaps after a BA 
4th year AWE student Kristina Drozdiak discusses her post-graduation future and the search for the “Great Perhaps."

Here’s an AWE-some little story…
Arts Work Experience student Kristina Drozdiak shares the story of how she became the Communications Intern with CAPS

Transitioning from school to work
Kristina Drozdiak, a 4th year student in the Arts Work Experience Program, shares her tips for successfully transitioning from school to a full-time internship