Current AWE Students


In partnership with the U of A Career Centre, the Faculty of Arts offers pre-employment career education to help guide and support AWE students through the work search process. This career education is also intended to help you gain the maximum benefit from your work experience and to increase your employability skills as you progress in your career. AWE offers a mix of group (Orientation Workshops) and individual (Consultations and Career Coaching) supports to help ensure your success in AWE and in your post graduate work search.


Group Sessions

Orientation Workshops provide specialized training for AWE students who are entering their work search. The workshops offer career education on topics such as skill identification, work search strategies and transition to the workplace, in addition you will receive insider tips and suggestions from some of our AWE employer partners. You'll also have the opportunity to meet other AWE students and alumni.

Individual Support

AWE students are also have access to the following one-hour Individual Consultations:

    Select three of the following:

    • Resume and Cover Letter Review* (recommended to complete within one month of joining the AWE Program)
    • Mock Interview
    • Career Advising
    • LinkedIn Profile Review

    *Note Resume and Cover Letter Review are mandatory in most cases

In addition to consultations, your AWE staff contact is your Career Coach and is available to meet with you to reinforce concepts learned in workshops or in consultations, to give your resume a final review, or just to discuss your work search process. *Note it's recommended that you attend a resume consultation before booking a meeting with your coach.