How do I apply for AWE?

Visit our application link by clicking here. Please note you will be asked to forward supporting documentation (unofficial transcript, and draft resume) to artsworkexperience@ualberta.ca.

What can I expect from AWE?

There are three phases to the Arts Work Experience: 
  1. First, complete the online application and book a meeting with AWE staff. After you are accepted into AWE, you will attend an orientation session and begin working on your pre-employment career education, reviewing and applying for work experience positions. Employers will contact you directly to schedule interviews or make a job offer.
  2. The second phase is the actual work experience term. You will be supported throughout your work term, receive regular email contact, and a site visit from an AWE staff member. You will also complete the first of two e-classes called, Writing your Personal Learning Objectives.
  3. The final phase of AWE includes personal and employer evaluations. You will also be asked to participate in the final career education session called Making Sense of your Work Experience.

Can I apply for AWE after I graduate?
No, AWE is only open to current, undergraduate students. In most cases you need to complete your degree on an academic term. We invite you to contact AWE staff to discuss the specifics of your situation.

There are other career education options and employer run internships that are open to recent graduates. Please visit the HUB Career Centre for more information.

Can graduate students (Masters and PhD) participate in AWE?
At this time, AWE is only open to undergraduate students who are registered in Faculty of Arts degree programs. 

How do I find Work Experience Positions?
Once you are accepted into the Program, you will be eligible to apply for AWE job postings listed on the Career Centre's Job Bank at uab.ca/cc. You will apply for positions of interest and the employer will contact you if you are successful in securing an interview. Remember there is also the opportunity to organize your own work experience, if you are interested in this option ask AWE Staff for details. We provide Career Education on Resume & Cover Letter Writing and Interview Preparation that is designed to assist you in this process. There is also an optional session on Proposing Your Own Work Experience.

What types of opportunities are available? 
There are a wide range of non-profit, public and private sector positions available. Due to the versatility of an Arts education there are a wide range of employers who are interested in hiring Arts students. Visit the list of our current AWE employer partners.

Do I receive credit for my work term?
No, there is no credit weight assigned to work experience courses. They are pass/fail, or in the University of Alberta Calendar credit/no credit. Please see the U of A calendar entry for more information.

Keep in mind that one of the benefits of participating in AWE is the professional experience and network of contacts that you will gain for your resume, in addition to your degree.

Students who complete 12 months of work experience through AWE, meet all of their academic requirements for their Bachelor of Arts and complete the associated career education will receive a 'Co-operative Education' notation on their degree parchment. 

What supports will I have at my workplace? 
You will have a supervisor/mentor at your workplace. You and your supervisor will set out learning objectives for your Work Experience at the beginning of your position. Once you are accepted into AWE you will receive more information about setting learning objectives.

What supports will I have on campus? 
You will always have access to AWE staff who can provide information and guidance throughout your work search and employment.

Why is career education a part of AWE?

In partnership with the U of A's Career Centre, the Faculty of Arts has developed career education programming specifically for AWE students to guide and support you in applying and interviewing for positions; setting learning objectives and reflecting on your work experience; and planning next steps in your career. This career education is intended to help you gain the maximum benefit from your work experience and to increase your employment related skills as you move forward in your career. 

I'm an international student, how will this program impact my work/study permits? 
The Government of Canada has a special work permit in place to allow international students to participate in work experience, internship and co-op programs. If you are an international student and are interested in AWE, please contact AWE Staff for more information.

Who can I contact with questions? 
artsworkexperience@ualberta.ca or 780-492-6022/780-492-1781
HUB Career Centre (8917 HUB Mall)