Arts Co-op Program

Arts Co-op is an optional program open to all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts that integrates academic and workplace learning. The program alternates between periods of paid employment with academic semesters. Students are able to put the transferable skills they gain in the classroom to work in professional settings for periods of 4 to 8 months. To achieve a co-op parchment notation, students must complete a cumulative total of 12 months of work experience and all degree requirements. 

Students who wish to complete 4 or 8 month work terms, outside of the Arts Co-op Program, should apply through the co-op application link below. Options will be reviewed during intake interviews with AWE staff.

Eligibility Requirements*: 

  • Continuing undergraduate student in a Faculty of Arts degree program (General or Honours)
  • Good academic standing (minimum 2.3 GPA)
  • Completed between *30-105 credits

*Please note the following:

How to Apply: Submit your application and follow application instructions. In addition to completing the application form, you will be asked to email copies of your resume, and unofficial transcripts (download from BearTracks). After you've submitted your application, the AWE Program office will contact you to set-up an intake interview. You should expect to hear from our office within 2 business days of submitting your application.

Learn about the Arts Co-op Program. Attend an information session. If you would like more information, please stop by the HUB Career Centre (8917 HUB Mall) or email

Book an intake interview with Arts Co-op Staff. This meeting will allow us to learn more about you as a candidate, explain program details and expectations, answer your questions and determine next steps.

Payment of fees. Once you receive notification of your acceptance, your Program and Career Fees are due. Fees are payable to the 'University of Alberta'. Tuition fees are assigned once a co-op position has been secured. Note: Tuition for domestic and international students varies, please see Arts Co-op Staff for details.

Application Deadlines *apply early to maximize your chances of securing a work term
  • May 31 to start in September
  • September 30 to start in January
  • January 31 to start in May

Tip: Consider applying before the application deadline to allow yourself more time to access career education and apply for positions of interest.


  • Program and Career Education Fee $200
    *These fees are due after final acceptance is confirmed and are non-refundable. If you are not successful in securing a work term, you will still have access to the career education component of the program.
  • Tuition for registration in WKEXP courses and non-instructional fees
    *Tuition is charged once a position is secured

Questions? Contact