Internship Program in Psychology

Eligibility: Click here to see complete calendar entry. To be eligible for the Internship Program in Psychology (IPP), students in the BA Honours Psychology Program or BA Program with a Major in Psychology, normally have to have completed *48-*105 credits, and be in good academic standing (min 2.3 GPA).

Program Requirements: Successful completion of the Program requires satisfactory completion of at least 12 months work experience and credit in a capstone course, INT D 401.

The designation of having successfully completed the Program, along with the name of the organization where the student completed work experience, appears on the student's University transcript as well as the degree parchment.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2019 for positions starting in May 

How to Apply: Submit your application and follow application instructions. From the campusBRIDGE home page, login under the "students" menu using your CCID and password. Once in, click "Arts Work Experience (AWE)" in the left hand navigation menu to be directed to the AWE application. You will be required to submit three documents:

  • Statement of interest that includes the following: a description of why you want to participate in an AWE program option, and how you anticipate that it may impact your future career goals; the career, industry or employment sector(s) that you are most interested in; and the skills that you hope to develop during your work experience term(s). Please include your anticipated start date (September, January, or May) and the length of work term you hope to participate in (4, 8, 12, or 16 months). Your statement of interest should be a maximum of one page (single spaced).
  • A copy of your resumé
  • A copy of your unofficial transcript (downloaded from BearTracks)

Book an intake meeting with Arts Co-op Staff: After you have submitted your application, please email to set-up an intake meeting with a Work Experience Coordinator. Please indicate your program of study (e.g. English, Psychology, Planning etc.) and 3 meeting times that work best with your schedule. The intake meeting should take approximately a half hour to complete. The purpose of the meeting is for you to learn more about work experience and for us to learn more about your employment interests and skill development goals.

Program contact:
Dr. Sandra Ziolkowski, Internship Program Coordinator, Department of Psychology, at