Kayla Lar-Son

My major is Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology. My minor is Native Studies.

I grew up in Tofield, Alberta.

Why did you pick the University of Alberta?

I chose to go to the University of Alberta because it was close to home. Also I wanted to study at a university where there would be departments and faculties that were relevant to the types of research I am interested in such as the Prairie Institute of Archaeology and the Faculty of Native Studies. I knew that these would have an influence on future career paths that I may choose.

What advice would you give your previous self when starting your first year?

Not to stress too much about the little things in life and to appreciate who I am as a person.

What instructor or individual inspires you? Why?

Dr. Kisha Supernant- As a Metis archaeologist and professor at the University of Alberta, I really admire Kisha for her commitment to Metis heritage and culture. I also really admire Dr. Frank Tough; Dr. Tough has such an influence on my research and learning about Metis people. Dr. Tough's class on research has been the most useful class I have taken in my University career.

Is there a class that inspired you? If so, how?

One class that has inspired me is N.S. 110 with Melanie Niemi-Bohun historical Perspectives on Native Studies, which gave me a new insight into Aboriginal history in Canada from an Aboriginal perspective. Also Anthro 206 intro to Archaeology with Todd Kristensen, which showed me where I could take my career and the important resources that Archaeologists can provide to communities.

What do you plan on doing after completing your undergraduate degree?

After I am finish my undergraduate degree I hope to do a graduate degree in Archaeology or in Museum studies.

If you could have an unlimited amount of one thing, what would it be?

If I could have an unlimited amount of one thing it would be time.

What's the one thing, you can't live without?

Coffee is one thing I can't live without, also my computer.

What do you do to have fun?

I really enjoy being outside, I do a lot of camping and hiking all year long.