Block A


Founded in 1932 the Block A Club was an honorary society of the University Athletics Board. Male student-athletes were awarded the evergreen sweaters that donned a large gold A for their leadership, sportsmanship and outstanding contributions in intercollegiate sports. Once awarded a Block A Sweater, athletes were then considered a part of the Block A Club. In line with its primary aim of furthering athletics at the University of Alberta, and wherever possible across the province, the Block A Club welcomed visiting university athletes and actively assisted with a number of sport and social events on campus.

The Block A Club has evolved over its 84 years, yet the intention and meaning of the Block A Sweater has not changed. The symbol, significance and honor of receiving a sweater is the essence of the Block A. It transcends boarders, sport, athletic ability and age, uniting our alumni in an everlasting bond and family. Since 1989 the Block A sweaters are given to Golden Bears and Pandas student-athletes after they complete three years of eligibility at the U of A. For Pandas athletes who competed for three years previous to 1989, University of Alberta Athletics has started an initiative to award sweaters to female student athletes who did not receive one during their time of competition.