About Us

University Athletics Board (UAB)

The University Athletics Board (UAB) is made up of student-athletes to represent student-athletes at the historic University of Alberta in Edmonton. The board has three goals that focus on enriching the varsity experience during the school year: 
1) Enhancing the student-athlete experience
2) Advocating and representing student-athletes within the athletics department
3) Expanding the role of athletes beyond the confines of the university

The UAB is composed of one student-athlete representative from each varsity team and executive members who provide direction for the board. Their mission is to improve the depth of the varsity experience, give back to the community, and represent student-athletes to the campus population at large. Simply put “Athletes Supporting Athletes”.

Striving for excellence at the University of Alberta is always a challenging task, yet the reward outweighs the effort, especially when it comes to developing a stronger, more connected, and philanthropic body of student-athletes.

The charitable focus of the UAB offers student-athletes opportunities to give back to the community. Some of the events include: Stollery Children’s Hospital visits, Edmonton food bank drives, charitable puck toss events; and Read-In Weeks at various schools throughout Edmonton. Among the organizations the UAB works with are Kidsport, an organization that gives all children an opportunity to participate in organized sport, as well as the Tobacco Free Kids program, which will see varsity athletes visit elementary and junior high schools to give a presentation on living a tobacco-free lifestyle.

For more information on the activities of the University Athletics Board or to get involved, please e-mail: uaboard@ualberta.ca.


UAB Executive Council 2017-2018

Executive Position Name Sport Faculty
President Ed Ilnicki Golden Bears Football Business
President-Elect Kyle Sluchinski Golden Bears Tennis Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
VP Finance Codie Abrams Golden Bears Football Arts
VP Communications Ashley Whiteman Pandas Track & Field Arts
VP Social Brandy Perry Pandas Wrestling Native Studies
VP Programming Tolu Esan Golden Bears Soccer Engineering
VP Fundraising Arran Chambers Golden Bears Volleyball Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
VP Community Outreach Erin Corbett Pandas Volleyball Business
VP Community Outreach Tessa Hill Pandas Volleyball Business
VP Community Outreach Karsten Sturmay Golden Bears Curling Science