Athletics/GGSS Webinar

Being a competitive athlete is demanding, even without the added challenge of a pandemic. This season, athletes won’t be motivated by competition. How can athletes keep their skills sharp and continue to improve? What types of mental and physical skills can be built during a non-competitive season?

Hear from Klaudia Sapieja, ‘07 BPE, ‘09 MA, Mental Performance Consultant, Michael Cook, Head Coach Sport Conditioning, and Sophie Gelineau student-athlete with Pandas Track and Field for advice and opportunities for athletes, parents and community coaches to stay in the game.

Join us on October 21st at 7:00 p.m. MST for tips, lessons, and drills you can use this season!


Moderator: Ben Gallaher, ‘04 BA - Associate Director, Green & Gold Sports System.

Panelist: Michael Cook - Head Coach Sport Conditioning, Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics. Head Coach for Strength and Conditioning for the Men’s National Indoor Volleyball Team and Manager for the Alberta Sport Development Centre-Capital region.

Panelist: Klaudia Sapieja, ‘07 BPE, ‘09 MA - Head Coach Mental Training, Green & Gold Sport System. Klaudia provides performance psychology services to student athletes, varsity staff, and pre-varsity athletes.

Panelist: Sophie Gelineau, 5th year BA student athlete, Pandas Track and Field.