Championship Tradition

Block A Ring

Awarded to a student-athlete(s) that demonstrates an exceptional contribution to interuniversity sport in the areas of athletics, academics, community support, and leadership. Block ‘A’ ring recipients must have completed a minimum of four years at the University of Alberta and have also previously received their Block ‘A’ sweater. Because of the high standards set with this award, it may not be awarded yearly. 

2002-03 Blair St. Martin
2003-04 Kevin Petterson Jeff Zorn
2004-05 Gavin McLeod Danielle Bourgeois Leo Carroll Tawana Wardlaw
2005-06 Sara Houlihan
2006-07 Taryn Barry Jarret Wall
2007-08 Jen Zwicker Laura Matemisz Eric Leydon
2008-09 Tyler Metcalfe
2009-10 Marcelle Verster Amanda Schneck
2010-11 Lindsie Fairfield Brian Yakiwchuk Caitlin Buckell
2011-12 Carleigh Miller
2012-13 Todd Bergen-Henengouwen Jaki Ellis
2013-14 Matt McCreary Jarron Mueller Sean Ringrose Scott Stewart Courtney Wilkes
2014-15 Jessie Niles
2015-16 Brett Ferguson John Goranson
2016-17 Fallon Dickie Ed Ilnicki
2017-18 Arran Chambers Lyndon Annetts
2018-19 Jayne Isherwood Riley Kieser
2019-20  Erin Corbett  Brody Clarke Ben Kopczynski