Championship Tradition

Block A Ring

Awarded yearly to a student-athlete(s) that demonstrates an exceptional contribution to interuniversity sport in the areas of athletics, academics, community support, and leadership. Block ‘A’ ring recipients must have completed a minimum of four years at the University of Alberta and have also previously received their Block ‘A’ sweater.

2002-03 Blair St. Martin
2003-04 Kevin Petterson & Jeff Zorn
2004-05 Gavin McLeod, Danielle Bourgeois, Leo Carroll, Tawana Wardlaw
2005-06 Sara Houlihan
2006-07 Taryn Barry & Jarret Wall
2007-08 Jen Zwicker, Laura Matemisz, Eric Leydon
2008-09 Tyler Metcalfe
2009-10 Marcelle Verster, Amanda Schneck
2010-11 Lindsie Fairfield, Brian Yakiwchuk, Caitlin Buckell
2011-12 Carleigh Miller
2012-13 Todd Bergen-Henengouwen, Jaki Ellis
2013-14 Matt McCreary, Jarron Mueller, Sean Ringrose, Scott Stewart, Courtney Wilkes
2014-15 Jessie Niles
2015-16 Brett Ferguson, John Goranson
2016-17 Fallon Dickie, Ed Ilnicki 
2017-18 Arran Chambers, Lyndon Annetts