Championship Tradition

Mark Goodkey Memorial Trophy

In memory of former Golden Bears Hockey player Mark Goodkey, who died tragically on March 25, 1996. Goodkey played from 1992-93 to 1995-96, but passed away after being hit in the throat during an off-campus pick-up game after the season had concluded. He was a two-time CIAU Academic All-Canadian, two-time Clare Drake Award winner and received the Henry Singer Bursary Award in his final season. The Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL) has an annual scholarship to honour the former Junior "A" player.


Year Recipient Sport(s)
2016-17  Niko Saler  Soccer  
2015-16 Jordan Rowley Hockey  
2014-15 Joe Byram Swimming  
2013-14  Jordan Baker Basketball  
2012-13 Greg Gardner Hockey
2011-12 Brendan Bottcher Curling
2010-11 Derek Ryan Hockey
2009-10 Tyler Metcalfe Hockey
2008-09 Brett Colvin Soccer
2007-08 Hugh O'Neill Football
2006-07 Anthony Kulak Wrestling
2005-06 Perry Johnson Hockey
2004-05 Perry Johnson Hockey
2003-04 Jeff Zorn Hockey
2002-03 Blair St. Martin Hockey
2001-02 Jeff Zorn Hockey
2000-01 Carlo Panaro Football Wrestling
1999-00 Carlo Panaro Football Wrestling
1998-99 Carlo Panaro Football Wrestling
1997-98 Cam Danyluk Hockey
1996-97 Mike Sieben Volleyball
1995-96 Tom Mix Hockey