Hockey: Men's

Andy Purcell Trophy
(Golden Bears Hockey MVP)

The Andy Purcell Hockey Trophy is awarded to the most valuable Golden Bears hockey player as selected by the players, coaches and managers of the team. The recipient is selected not only by his athletic ability, but also his team spirit, co-operation and sportsmanship. The trophy was donated in 1948 by Andy “Shorts” Purcell, the coach of the Golden Bears from 1945-46 to 1947-48.

Year Recipient(s)
2017-18  Luke Philp (F)   
2016-17  Jamie Crooks (F)  
2015-16 Kruise Reddick (F)  
2014-15 Kruise Reddick (F)  
2013-14 Sean Ringrose (F)
2012-13 Greg Gardner (F)
2011-12 Réal Cyr (G)
2010-11 Derek Ryan (F)
2009-10 Chad Klassen (F)
2008-09 Aaron Sorochan (G)
2007-08 Harlan Anderson (D)
2006-07 Aaron Sorochan (G)
2005-06 Ben Thomson (F)
2004-05 Ben Thomson (F)
2003-04 Ryan Wade (F)
2002-03 Steve Shrum (F)
2001-02 Kevin Marsh (F) Ryan Wade (F)
2000-01 Russ Hewson (C)
1999-00 Russ Hewson (C)
1998-99 Russ Hewson (C) Mike Thompson (RW)
1997-98 Mike Jickling (C)
1996-97 Dale Masson (G)
1995-96 Paul Strand (LW)
1994-95 Mike Jickling (C) Paul Strand (LW)
1993-94 Todd Goodwin (LW)
1992-93 Serge Lajoie (D)
1991-92 Adam Morrison (C)
1990-91 Doug McCarthy (LW)
1989-90 Doug McCarthy (LW)
1988-89 Stacey Wakabayashi (RW)
1987-88 Sid Cranston (C)
1986-87 Parie Proft (D)
1985-86 Dennis Cranston (C)
1984-85 Tim Krug (D)
1983-84 Tim Krug (D)
1982-83 Garnet Brimacombe (LW)
1981-82 Jim Lomas (RW)
1980-81 Jim Lomas (RW)
1979-80 Larry Riggin (D)
1978-79 John Devaney (C)
1977-78 Kevin Primeau (LW)
1976-77 Jim Ofrim (C)
1975-76 Jim Ofrim (C)
1974-75 Ross Barros (D)
1973-74 Gerry LeGrandeur
1972-73 Dave Couves (C)
1971-72 Steve Carlyle (D)
1970-71 Steve Carlyle (D)
1969-70 Bob Devaney (RW)
1968-69 Gerry Braunberger (D)
1967-68 Sam Belcourt (RW)
1966-67 Brian Harper (LW)
1965-66 Wilf Martin (C)  Austin Smith (C)
1964-65 Brian Harper (LW)
1963-64 Ian Baker (RW)
1962-63 Dave Carlyle (LW)
1961-62 Edward Brown (D) Gerry Schultz (G)
1960-61 Dick Dunnigan (RW)
1959-60 Vern Pachal (C)
1958-59 Vic Dzurko (D)
1957-58 Vern Pachal (C)
1956-57 Vern Pachal (C)
1955-56 Ed Ratsoy (D)
1954-55 Don Kirk (C)
1953-54 Edward John (W)
1952-53 Don Kirk (C)
1951-52 Ed Zukiwsky
1950-51 Joe Moran (G)
1949-50 Jim Fleming (C)
1948-49 Jim Fleming (C)
1947-48 Sam Soldan (D)