Beaumont Trophy
(Golden Bears Swimming MVP)

One of the school’s older sports trophies, it was started in 1954-55 as an award for the U of A Male Swimmer with the “Best General Record” for Sportsmanship, Leadership, Progress and ability. Like the Golden Bears wrestling trophy and separate boxing trophy, it was donated to the University Athletics Board by Wally J. Beaumont, a Law graduate who represented the U of A in both wrestling and boxing during his undergraduate years. He was also a skilled pilot who instructed at Edmonton Flying Club into his golden years until he passed away in the mid-1970s.

Year Recipient(s)
2018-19 Cale Kooyman  
2017-18  Bjoern-Ole Schrader  
2016-17  Nick Kostiuk  
2015-16 Joe Byram  
2014-15 Joe Byram  
2013-14 Nick Kostiuk
2012-13 Josh Au
2011-12 Robert MacKinnon
2010-11 Josh Au
2009-10 Josh Au
2008-09 Josh Au
2007-08 Gavin D'Amico
2006-07 Jian-lok Chang
2005-06 Jian-lok Chang
2004-05 Jian-lok Chang
2003-04 Marcin Partyka
2001-02 Brian Edey
2000-01 Brian Edey
1999-00 Brian Edey
1998-99 Brian Edey
1997-98 Kelly Young
1996-97 Collin Sood
1995-96 Jarit Abel
1994-95 Jarit Abel
1993-94 Bill Lomax
1992-93 Jeff Welechuk
1991-92 David Bowie
1990-91 Chris Bowie
1989-90 Tom Carew
1988-89 Reagan Williams
1987-88 Scott Flowers
1986-87 Howie Ewashko
1985-86 Larry Schulhauser
1984-85 Ian Marsh
1983-84 Barry Lewis
1982-83 Jeff Riddle
1981-82 Brian Carleton
1980-81 Brent DesBrisay
1979-80 Brent DesBrisay
1978-79 Derek Cathro
1977-78 Butch Skulsky
1976-77 Mark Polet
1975-76 Stewart Nelson
1974-75 Barry Kennedy
1973-74 Doug Jamison
1972-73 Doug Jamison
1971-72 Michael Morrow
1970-71 Doug Jamison
1969-70 Michael Morrow Brian Ritchie
1968-69 Michael Morrow
1967-68 Michael Hawkes
1966-67 Murray McFadden
1965-66 Stan Brown
1964-65 Stan Brown
1963-64 Eric Haites
1962-63 Terry Nimmon
1961-62 John Byrne Larry Maloney
1960-61 Larry Maloney
1959-60 Marvin McDonald
1958-59 Dick McBride
1957-58 Ray Ellenwood
1956-57 Howie Boyd
1955-56 W.Karbe
1954-55 W.Karbe

Nick Carter Trophy
(Pandas Swimming MVP)

Originally from Port Colborne, Ont., Nick Carter was a volunteer swimming coach in Edmonton from the late 1920s to the early 1950s, based out of the West Edmonton outdoor pool (now Oliver Pool). He is described as a compassionate, gentle person with a mission to develop talented young women and men into the best athletes they could be, while making sure all children stayed fit and healthy. He was in the real estate business, though his connection to the U of A was simply that many of his friends or students were at one time involved with the Bears and Pandas. Born in the late 1800s, he lived in Edmonton most of his life until he passed away in 1965.

Year Recipient(s)
2018-19 Renae Ledoux  
2017-18  Georgia Kidd  
2016-17  Georgia Kidd  
2015-16 Nikki Macleod  
2014-15 Nikki Macleod  
2013-14 Kendra Chernoff
2012-13 Kendra Chernoff
2011-12 Erin Miller
2010-11 Kayla Voytechek
2009-10 Lauren Gillespie
2008-09 Lauren Gillespie
2007-08 Mandy Bell
2006-07 Katerina Symes
2005-06 Marla Breitkreutz
2004-05 Marla Breitkreutz
2003-04 Kelly O'Toole
2002-03 Shannon Frey
2001-02 Annamay Pierse
2000-01 Shauna McNally
1999-00 Shauna McNally
1998-99 Jenny Scott
1997-98 Ronagh O'Kelly
1996-97 Sabrina Wilson
1995-96 Dionne Dallas
1992-93 Keltie Duggan
1991-92 Janna Promislow
1990-91 Debbie Gaudin
1989-90 Anne Taylor
1988-89 Janet Evans
1987-88 Donna McGinnis
1986-87 Judy Cowan
1985-86 Tiffany Watson
1984-85 Mary Jo Clark
1983-84 Beth May
1982-83 Jan Meunier
1981-82 Barbara Hemphill
1980-81 Colla MacDonald
1979-80 Sandy Slavin
1978-79 Mary Hughes
1977-78 Pam Woodside
1976-77 Sue Hunt Pam Woodside
1975-76 Mona Lee Brophy
1974-75 Wendy Kruger