Rob Bell Memorial Trophy
(Golden Bears Tennis MVP)

Rob Bell, for whom the Golden Bears Tennis MVP award was named, was the Tennis Manager at the University of Alberta Tennis Centre from 1986 to 1995 and contributed greatly to the development of the sport of tennis at the U of A, in the city of Edmonton and at the provincial level in Alberta.
Bell established a strong junior development program, hosted a variety of tennis events including Davis Cup and was a provincial course conductor. He formed the U of A Men’s Tennis Club Team in 1987 and coached the team from 1987 to 1995.
Rob Bell also served as President of the Greater Edmonton Tennis Association and was a Director of the Board of Tennis Alberta, but succumbed to cancer at an early age and his memory is honoured with this annual award.

Year Recipient(s)
2018-19 Connor Khademazad
2017-18  Jeff James
2016-17  Ryan Townsend 
2015-16 Mark Hamill
2014-15 Calvin Patterson
2013-14 Marko Laschuk
2012-13 Gergely Sajdik
2011-12 Gergely Sajdik
2010-11 Gergely Sajdik
2009-10 Lane Richard
2008-09 Brent Dysart
2007-08 Lane Richard
2006-07 Lane Richard
2005-06 Jordan Richard
2004-05 Michael Marren
2003-04 Thomas Balle
2002-03 Andrew Peglau
2001-02 Jacob Komar
2000-01 Pierre Gasparotto
1999-00 David Spady

Krista Frohlich Trophy
(Pandas Tennis MVP)

In 1999 the Pandas Tennis MVP award was named for Krista Frohlich, who formed the University of Alberta Women’s Tennis Club Team in 1990. She played on the team from 1990 to 1995 and served as captain for this period before helping to form the Golden Bear and Panda Tennis Alumni Society in 1999 and has been its Director since its inception.

Year Recipient(s)
2018-19 Alina Jurca
2017-18  Kristina Sanjevic
2016-17  Kristina Sanjevic
2015-16 Kristina Sanjevic
2014-15 Erika Voaklander
2013-14 Kristina Sanjevic
2012-13 Kristina Sanjevic
2011-12 Britt Voaklander
2010-11 Samantha Jang-Stewart
2009-10 Samantha Jang-Stewart
2008-09 Olga Weber
2007-08 Susi Fleischhacker
2006-07 Olga Weber
2005-06 Shaira Somani
2004-05 Ingrid McKibbin
2003-04 Susi Fleischhacker
2002-03 Allison Twiss
2001-02 Zuzanna Triska
2000-01 Lindsay Anderson
1999-00 Lindsay Anderson