Volleyball: Men's

Costa Chrysanthou Memorial Trophy
(Golden Bears Volleyball MVP)

Awarded annually to the Golden Bears Volleyball player who contributes most to the team and more recently considered the team’s MVP trophy. Chrysanthou was a Golden Bears football player (#56) in 1948 when he teamed with future Premier Peter Lougheed and star player Harry Hobbs to compile a 5-1-0 record. He was an off-campus coach for Golden Bears Volleyball at the time of his untimely passing in the late 1960s. Egyptian born, he graduated from the U of A’s Faculty of Engineering in the mid-1950s, after which he worked for the City of Edmonton.

Year Recipient(s)
2018-19 Alex McMullin  
2017-18  Alex McMullin  
2016-17  Brett Walsh  
2015-16 Brett Walsh  
2014-15 Ryley Barnes  
2013-14 Jay Olmstead
2012-13 Mitch Irvine Jay Olmstead
2011-12 Mitch Irvine
2010-11 Tanner Nault
2009-10 Thomas Jarmoc
2008-09 Joel Schmuland
2007-08 Brock Pehar
2006-07 Joel Schmuland
2005-06 Brock Davidiuk
2004-05 Nicholas Cundy
2003-04 Brock Davidiuk Nicholas Cundy
2002-03 Pascal Cardinal
2001-02 Ryan Taylor Sandy Henderson
2000-01 Scott Emslie
1999-00 Nathan Bennett Colin Stephenson
1998-99 Murray Grapentine
1997-98 Murray Grapentine
1996-97 Doug Bruce
1995-96 Greg Proctor Doug Bruce
1994-95 Greg Proctor
1993-94 Chad Hatala
1992-93 Jason Shenkariuk
1991-92 Dean Kakoschke
1990-91 Dean Kakoschke
1989-90 Dean Kakoschke
1988-89 Dean Kakoschke
1987-88 Dean Kakoschke
1986-87 Troy Lorenson
1985-86 John MacKinnon
1984-85 Jim Schubert
1983-84 Rick Hayes
1982-83 Jim Repchuk Dave Wilson
1981-82 Dave Wilson
1980-81 Terry Danyluk
1979-80 Terry Danyluk
1978-79 Terry Danyluk
1977-78 Kevin Speer