Championship Tradition

Wilson Challenge Award

The oldest trophy presented at the annual Green and Gold Awards night, the Wilson Challenge Trophy is presented to the most outstanding male athlete at the University of Alberta. First presented in 1934 -35, the trophy was donated in 1935 by Dr. Wilfred A. Wilson, formerly Dean of the School of Applied Science in the University of Alberta. Selection is made by the Awards Committee of the University Athletic Board and the Wilson Trophy is given to the individual who best exhibits athletic prowess, leadership, character and academic ability. A replica is presented to the winner each year (Dr. D. R. Wilson, University of Alberta Hospital). Particular care should be taken to consider character of applicant as well as athletic ability.

Recipient Sport(s)
2019-20 Max Elgert Volleyball
2018-19 Austin Cole Track & Field
2017-18 Ed Ilnicki Football
2016-17 Niko Saler Soccer
2015-16 Michael Asselstine Wrestling
2014-15 Jesse Craige Hockey
2013-14 Jordan Baker Basketball
2012-13 Michael Asselstine Wrestling
2011-12 Brendan Bottcher Curling
2010-11 Derek Ryan Hockey
2009-10 Chad Klassen Hockey
2008-09 Joel Schmuland Volleyball
2007-08 Harlan Anderson Hockey
2006-07 Anthony Kulak Wrestling
2005-06 Brock Davidiuk Volleyball
2004-05 Nicholas Cundy Volleyball
2003-04 Ryan Wade Hockey
2002-03 Pascal Cardinal Volleyball
2001-02 Stephen Parker Basketball
2000-01 Murray Heber Track & Field
1999-00 Russ Hewson Hockey
1998-99 Mike Thompson Hockey
1997-98 Murray Grapentine Volleyball
1996-97 Doug Bruce Volleyball
1995-96 Murray Cunningham Basketball
1994-95 Greg DeVries Basketball
1993-94 Todd Goodwin Hockey
1992-93 Serge Lajoie Hockey
1991-92 Ian Herbers Hockey
Adam Morrison Hockey
1990-91 Burk Kaiser Soccer
1989-90 Sean Chursinoff Basketball
1988-89 Stacey Wakabayashi Hockey
1987-88 Sid Cranston Hockey
1986-87 Mike Kornak Basketball
Parie Proft Hockey
1985-86 Daniel Lanovaz Track & Field
1984-85 Tim Krug Hockey
Mike Payette Wrestling
1983-84 Dan Peacocke Hockey
1982-83 Brent DesBrisay Swimming
1981-82 Ian Newhouse Track & Field
1980-81 Terry Danyluk Volleyball
1979-80 Pierre Pomerleau Wrestling
1978-79 Randy Gregg Hockey
1977-78 Kevin Primeau Hockey
1976-77 Russ Pawlyk Wrestling
1975-76 Brian Fryer Football Track & Field
1974-75 Al McKee Volleyball
1973-74 Doug Jamison Swimming
1972-73 Andy MacLeod Football
1971-72 Steve Carlyle Hockey
1970-71 Dan McCaffrey Football
1969-70 Brian Heffel Wrestling
1968-69 Gerry Braunberger Hockey
1967-68 Ron Lappage Football Wrestling Judo
1966-67 Darwin Semotiuk Basketball
1965-66 Larry Speers Football Wrestling
1964-65 Ken Nielsen Football Wrestling
1963-64 Dick Wintermute Football Hockey
Vic Messier Football Wrestling Basketball
1962-63 Garry Smith Football Basketball
1961-62 Maury Van Vliet Jr Football Basketball
1960-61 no recipient
1959-60 Henry Glyde Cross-country Skiing
1958-59 Irvin Servold Skiing
1957-58 Vern Pachal Hockey
1956-57 Jack Parkinson Wrestling
1955-56 no recipient
1954-55 Don Kirk Hockey
1953-54 Don MacIntosh Basketball Wrestling
1952-53 Steve Mendryk Basketball Wrestling
1951-52 Don MacIntosh Basketball Wrestling
1950-51 Jim Fleming Hockey Wrestling
1949-50 Jim Macrae Football Track & Field Wrestling
1948-49 Jim Macrae Football Track & Field Wrestling
1947-48 Jack Perry Football
1946-47 Mickey Hajash Football Wrestling
1945-46 Ken Nickerson Football
1944-45 Bruce MacKay Football Hockey
1943-44 no recipient
1942-43 no recipient
1941-42 Leslie Willox Football
1940-41 Robert Freeze Football Track & Field
1939-40 Dave MacKay Hockey
1938-39 Dave MacKay Hockey
1937-38 George Walker Basketball
1936-37 no recipient
1935-36 Clair Malcolm Rugby Wrestling Football
1934-35 Len Park Rugby Football