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IMPORTANT: Despite Canada’s position on cannabis, the global anti-doping community has maintained cannabis on the Prohibited List.  If cannabinoids are detected in an athlete’s sample above a specific concentration (as would be found in those with frequent use, habitual use, or, in-competition use), it will be reported and a violation for presence will be asserted.  Positive tests for cannabis are still frequent, and in preparation for in-season competitions, it is imperative to get this information to the athletes.  Athletes should use discretion and judgement when deciding whether to use legal cannabis. Athletes will be held strictly liable for any prohibited substance that is found in their sample.

More useful information on Canabis in Sport is available here or at the following link:


In addition, all athletes must complete the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport online module prior to competing as a Golden Bear or Panda. Please click on the link below and follow instructions. Upon completion, please print your certificate and submit it in to your coach.

CCES Instructional Form