Varsity Health

How to Become a Student Kinesiologist

To Students in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation and to those with an interest in Sports Injury Management

Varsity Health, the primary service provider for the health and wellness of Varsity Athletics, is seeking 'Student Kinesiologists' and 'Team Trainers' for the 2018-2019 Varsity Athletic Season.
This role will see you work day to day directly with a Varsity Program to assist Varsity Health in the prevention, management and care of illness and injury to our Varsity Athletes. This role will give you the opportunity to learn from and work with an interdisciplinary team of Athletic Therapists, Physiotherapists, Sports & Exercise Medicine Physicians, Strength & Conditioning Specialists, Mental Skills Specialists, Nutritionists and more!
This placement/assignment would be set to begin in approximately August 2018.

Some potential benefits of our program include:
- A Scholarship or Financial Award
-Possibly travel with teams
- Clothing
- Learning from an Interdisciplinary Team of Health Care Providers
- Free access to Golden Bears and Pandas Conference Playoff Games
- Letter of Reference/Recommendation from Varsity Health

Academic Credit Opportunities
-Practicum placement
        - KIN490/KIN491
        - Job ID: 1404
-Directed study (KIN 499)
To Get Involved:
We HIGHLY recommend that interested applicants completed shadow hours with our current Student Kinesiologists to give you a sense of what is looks like on a day to day basis.
CLICK HERE to sign up for shadow hours.
Once you have signed up for shadow hours, please contact the applicable Student Kinesiologist for specific information about the practice or game.

Shadow hours will run in January/February of 2018.


CLICK HERE to be taken to the Google Form where you will find our 2018-2019 Application Form.

Applications are due March 15. More information will be sent out to applicants AFTER that date.

For more information on Varsity Health or Athletics in General, please CLICK HERE