Varsity Health

Student-Athlete Pre-Participation Evaluation Process

University of Alberta Athletics Varsity Pre-Participation Medical Form

An athlete will not be given the opportunity to participate with a varsity team until:

a) The University of Alberta Varsity Medical Form is completed;
b) The University of Alberta Varsity Therapy and Medical Staff have reviewed the submitted form and have granted clearance for participation.

The Process

First Year Athletes 

MUST complete the University of Alberta’s First Year Athlete Pre-Participation Evaluation package, including a Physician’s assessment form

    You are required to make an appointment with your physician to complete the U of A’s Physician’s Assessment form.  To assist you, Sports Medicine Physicians in the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic at the University of Alberta would welcome ALL first year athletes to contact the clinic for an appointment. Call 780.407.5160 to book.

    Athletes are responsible for all Physician fees required to complete assessment/form

    The completed assessment form MUST be submitted to our Varsity Health staff prior to participation.

Returning Athletes

MUST complete the University of Alberta’s Returning Athlete Pre-Participation Evaluation package 

    In the event that further evaluation is required prior to participation, you will be contacted to make an appointment with our Varsity Health Staff.

    If there is anything you wish to discuss, please contact our Varsity Health Staff immediately.

To submit the Medical form:
Save completed e-file, send as attachment to:
For new athletes, Scan and upload the Physician’s Assessment form and any reports or documentation you require.  I
n your email, please put "(team name) PPE" in the subject line. (eg. Pandas Hockey PPE)
Fax completed forms to Attention: Varsity Health Staff @ 780.492.7307 including a subject line "(team name) PPE" in the subject line. (eg. Pandas Hockey PPE) 
In person OR mail paper copies to the Athletics Office, Attention Varsity Health, Van Vliet Complex, 2-420, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB T6G 2H9

Returning Athlete Form Submission
1) Email completed forms to Please put "(team name) Medical Form" in the subject line. ie. Pandas Hockey Medical Form
2) In person OR mail to the Athletics Office in the Van Vliet Complex, 2-420, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB T6G 2H9
Please have forms in sealed envelope and label "Attn: TJ Mussbacher"