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Student-Athlete Pre-Participation Evaluation Process

Pre Participation Evaluation Information

For an athlete to be given the opportunity to participate in any team event and/or function , the following will be required. A team event and/or function includes practices, tryouts,v competitions (both conference and non-conference), strength and/or conditioning training, that occurs under the jurisdiction of the University of Alberta Sports Team.

  • The University of Alberta Pre Participation Evaluation Package has been completed online

  • You have submitted the required forms

  • Your online submission indicates COMPLETE and your Clearance Status reads CLEARED.

Athletes NEW to UofA

A NEW ATHLETE includes anyone who is completing the University of Alberta Pre Participation Evaluation process for the FIRST TIME. This process will be applicable to athletes who have previously competed at other Post-Secondary Institutions.

Note: NEW athletes that complete their PRIVIT Medical PRIOR to August 1st will be REQUIRED to complete the steps below under "ATHLETE RETURNING TO THE UofA"

  • You MUST complete the Online Pre-Participation Evaluation

  • You MUST complete the University of Alberta Athletics Physician Assessment Form

  • The Physician Assessment Form will require you to book an appointment with ANY physician

  • You MUST await Clearance from Varsity Health prior to participation in any team function and/or event.

  • Athletes requiring further evaluation at the discretion of Varsity Health will be contacted individually.

Athlete RETURNING to UofA

This type of athlete includes anyone who has previously completed the University of Alberta Pre Participation Evaluation which included a Physician Assessment Form. On August 1, your profile will default back to 'Pending.' In order to be 'Cleared' for the upcoming season:
  • You MUST update any NEW injuries
  • You MUST update your profile to ensure that all information is CURRENT
  • You MUST complete a NEW Informed Consent Form
  • You MUST complete a new insurance form UNLESS your insurance coverage has changed
  • You DO NOT have to complete another Physician (Doctor) Clearance Form

Additional Information

  • If there is ANYTHING you wish to discuss with Varsity Health, please contact us immediately.

  • Below you will find a link to our Online Evaluation Website. You will also see documents outlining the TECHNICAL instructions for utilizing the online evaluation website. One document is for athletes 18 OR OLDER. One is for UNDER AGE athletes. Please follow the applicable instructions based on your age on the date of completing the Pre-Participation Evaluation.

  • Only ONLINE SUBMISSIONS are accepted.  If you have received a blank paper copy in error, please disregard and utilize instructions above to complete the online process.


Link to Pre-Participation Evaluation Website

Instructions for 1st Year Student-Athletes 18 Years of Age or OLDER

Instructions for 1st Year Student-Athletes UNDER 18 Years Old

Instructions for RETURNING Student-Athletes