Hockey world reacts to Clare Drake being elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame

    Drake coached the Golden Bears for 28 seasons, winning 697 games and six national championships

    By Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics on June 30, 2017

    “Clare has influenced so many people through his coaching, both in the sport and academic world. Coach Drake was all about the sharing of coaching techniques and philosophy, not only within the Golden Bears system, but within many facets of the hockey community. He is mentor to so many and has been instrumental in setting the foundation for what Golden Bears Hockey is today.”

    - Stan Marple, Golden Bears Hockey General Manager

    “What I remember vividly from my experience playing for Coach Drake are the one-liners. [Drake] would bring them out every so often to get us refocused. He painted the picture of back-checking as a barn being on fire and you’re the only one with the bucket of water to put it out. Or he would say, ‘Don’t worry about the referees. They’ll figure out soon enough that they’re incompetent'”.
    “I feel I learned a lot about what Golden Bear hockey was through Bill Moores, but Clare Drake’s influence permeated through Moores in the four years that I played under Bill."

    - Serge Lajoie, Golden Bears Hockey Head Coach

    “The players who have been on Coach Drake’s teams will, to a man, describe how his influence has changed them and molded them into becoming solid community citizens, respectful parents and contributors to the betterment of our community. His legacy is not simply the numerous national championships that he coached, but rather the wide scope of individuals that he touched with his unending passion to the sport and his community.”

    - Randy Gregg, Golden Bears Hockey Alumni

     “I’m elated, this is probably as good as our last national championship. It’s so great to finally see him recognized at that level. He certainly deserves it. There are so many people out there who have respect for him, and I think all of us are so happy to see this finally happen."

    “He was such an amazing innovator. He was always looking for ways to help his players develop as people, as athletes, and as students. And I think that all contributed to this tremendous culture he created, and was able to build with the Golden Bears."

    “It was amazing the impact he had on the hockey community, and the coaching community throughout North America. He had such a tremendous impact on people, and how successful they were, and how many went on to become great coaches. And largely that was based on his sharing of knowledge, and his passion for the game.”

    - Howie Draper, Pandas Hockey Head Coach, and Golden Bears Hockey Alumni

    "There are very few true pioneers left in hockey, but Clare Drake is certainly that. His legacy at the University of Alberta endures, and the seeds of his teaching are spread widely through all levels of hockey."

    - Kerry Mummery, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation

    “While never having the privilege of playing for Coach Drake directly, I could sense his impact on the University of Alberta men’s hockey program from the first minute I laced up a pair of skates in the arena bearing his name. The commitment to excellence established by Coach Drake continue to resonate with the U of A program to this day. I know he is extremely proud of the program he built, and I am extremely proud to have stood in his footsteps for a brief moment in time. Congratulations to Clare Drake on this well-deserved place in the Hockey Hall of Fame.”

    - Gavin McLeod, Former Golden Bears Hockey Captain