• Saturday, February 22, 2020
  • 10:00 AM
  • Saskatoon, UofS - Saskatoon

Bears and Pandas capture 19 total medals at CW Championship

Pandas finish 3rd, Bears 5th at Conference Track and Field Championship

By Saskatchewan Sports Information on February 22, 2020

SASKATOON – The University of Calgary Dinos men’s team and University of Saskatchewan Huskies women’s team reigned supreme at the 2020 Canada West Track and Field Championships hosted inside the Field House in Saskatoon.

Entering the weekend ranked No. 2 in the nation, the Dinos men earned seven gold medals throughout the two days of competition en route to a fifth conference title in program history and their first since 2014-15.

Leading throughout a vast majority of the meet, the Dinos had to hold off a late push from the Saskatchewan Huskies. Through 14 events the Huskies held a 111-110 advantage, before Calgary rounded out the meet by placing first and third in the 1500-metre race to retake the lead for good.

A large part of Calgary’s success was the efforts of third-year runner Eric Lutz, who finished first in the 1000-, 1500- and 4x800-metre relay. 

After Saskatchewan in second with 122 points, the Trinity Western Spartans (101), Manitoba Bisons (86) and Alberta Golden Bears (78) rounded out the top five.

On the women’s side the host Saskatchewan Huskies led wire-to-wire for their third consecutive conference title and 21st in team history.

Claiming 10 medals, five of which were gold, the Huskies accrued 142.5 points and shattered a pair of Canada West Championship records with both Michelle Harrison in the 60-metre hurdles and the 4x200-metre relay of team of Harrison, Ashlyn Mooney, Leadan Chartier and Kendra Farmer setting new conference marks.

Behind Saskatchewan in the women’s table were the Calgary Dinos with 128 points. The Alberta Pandas (122), Regina Cougars (89) and Manitoba Bisons (51) also finished in the top five.

Major award winners announced at the conclusion of the event were: Olivia Cooper (Female Rookie of the Year, Alberta), Scott Joseph (Male Rookie of the Year, Regina), Saskatchewan’s Michelle Harrison (Outstanding Performance of the Meet, & Female Track Athlete of the Year) and Karson Lehner (Outstanding Performance of the Meet, Men & Male Track Athlete of the Year), Calgary’s Osereme Omosun (Female Field Athlete of the Year) and Manitoba’s Oyinkansola Akinola (Male Field Athlete of the Year).

Winning the Male and Female Outstanding Student-Athlete Community Service Awards were Madeleine Browne and Eric Lutz, both from the University of Calgary.

All qualified Canada West student-athletes will now head to the 2020 U SPORTS championships at the University of Alberta over the March 6-9 weekend.

2020 Canada West Track & Field Award Winners

Team Championships
Women (Eleanor Haslam Trophy) - Saskatchewan
Men (R.E. DuWors Trophy) – Calgary

Individual Awards

Rookie of the Year – Female
Olivia Cooper, University of Alberta
Gold in 600m (1:32.99), Silver in 1000m (2:53.10)

Rookie of the Year - Male
Scott Joseph, University of Regina
Gold in long jump (7.67m) & Bronze in triple jump (14.56m)

Outstanding Student-Athlete Community Service Award – Women
Madeleine Browne, University of Calgary

Outstanding Student-Athlete Community Award – Men
Eric Lutz, University of Calgary

Coach of the Year – Women
Winner: Jason Reindl, University of Saskatchewan

Coach of the Year – Men
Winner: Doug Lamont, University of Calgary

Outstanding Performance of the Meet – Women
Michelle Harrison, University of Saskatchewan
Gold in 60m hurdles (8.21) setting a new Canada West Championship record

Outstanding Performance of the Meet – Men
Karson Lehner, University of Saskatchewan
Gold in 300 m (33.07) setting a new Canada West Championship record

Athletes of the Year
Female Track Athlete of the year

Michelle Harrison, University of Saskatchewan
Gold in 60m hurdles, 60m and 4x200m. Two Canada West Championship records

Male Track Athlete of the year
Karson Lehner, University of Saskatchewan
Gold in 300m & Silver in 60m. One Canada West Championship record

Female Field Athlete of the year
Osereme Omosun, University of Calgary
Gold in shot put & weight throw

Male Field Athlete of the Year
Oyinkansola Akinola, University of Manitobba
Gold in triple jump, Silver in high jump, Bronze in long jump



1. Saskatchewan Huskies, 142.5 points.
2. Calgary Dinos, 128
3. Alberta Pandas, 122
4. Regina Cougars, 75
5. Manitoba Bisons, 51
6. Trinity Western Spartans, 50.5
7. Lethbridge Pronghorns, 38
8. Victoria Vikes, 30


1. Calgary Dinos, 132 pts.
2. Saskatchewan Huskies, 122
3. Trinity Western Spartans, 101
4. Manitoba Bisons, 86
5. Alberta Golden Bears, 78
6. Regina Cougars, 53
7. Victoria Vikes, 44
8. Lethbridge Pronghorns, 37


Women 60 Meter

1. Michelle Harrison, Saskatchewan (7.53)
2. Cassandra Grenke, Alberta (7.60)
3. Sandra Latrace, Lethbridge (7.63)

Women 600 Meter

1. Olivia Cooper, Alberta (1:32.99)
2. Madeleine Browne, Calgary (1:34.78)
3. Sadie Borgfjord, Calgary (1:35.35)

Women 1500 Meter Run

1. Kaitlin Swartz, Alberta (4:37.69)
2. Kaila Neigum, Regina (4:38.47)
3. Emily Simpson, Calgary (4:39.94)

Women 4x200 Meter Relay

1. Saskatchewan (1:38.01) * NEW CANADA WEST RECORD
2. Calgary (1:39.64)
3. Alberta (1:40.59)

Women 4x400 Meter Relay

1. Saskatchewan (3:47.56)
2. Calgary (3:48.21)
3. Alberta (3:49.86)

Women High Jump

1. Madison Myr, Calgary (1.71m)
2. Madisson Lawrence, Manitoba (1.71m)
2. Joely Welburn, Regina (1.68m)

Women Triple Jump

1. Mowalola Adeleye, Trinity Western (12.12m)
2. Autumn Cole, Alberta (11.71m)
3. Erika Pearson, Calgary (11.49m)

Women Weight Throw

1. Osereme Omosun, Calgary (17.03m)
2. Madeline Szabo, Lethbridge (15.39m)
3. Caitlyn Bailes, Lethbridge (15.29m)

Men 60 Meter Dash Finals

1. Praise Olatoke, Trinity Western (6.81)
2. Karson Lehner, Saskatchewan (6.81)
3. Marcel Dufault, Manitoba (6.82)

Men 600 Meter Run

1. Vaughn Taylor, Victoria (1:19.80)
2. Brent Stephen, Calgary (1:20.20)
3. Brendan Calef, Alberta (1:20.37)

Men 1500 Meter Run

1. Eric Lutz, Calgary (3:51.05)
2. Nick Colyn, Trinity Western (3:51.82)
3. Alexander James, Calgary (3:52.15)

Men 4x200 Meter Relay

1. Trinity Western (1:28.34)
2. Saskatchewan (1:29.01)
3. Manitoba (1:29.10)

Men 4x400 Meter Relay

1. Alberta (3:19.45)
2. Manitoba (3:19.60)
3. Calgary (3:20.11)

Men High Jump

1. Colin Unruh, Calgary (2.07m)
2. Oyinkansol Akinola, Manitoba (2.04m)
3. Wesley Calef, Alberta (2.01m)

Men Pole Vault

1. David Boyd, Trinity Western (5.15m)
2. Giovanni Hernandez, Trinity Western (4.70m)
3. Adam Osborne, Alberta (4.70m)

Men Triple Jump

1. Oyinkansol Akinola, Manitoba (14.73m)
2. Sodienya Nkwonta, Calgary (14.59m)
3. Scott Joseph, Regina (14.56m)

Men Shot Put

1. Mohamed Asiff, Calgary (16.84m)
2. Brennan Degenhardt, Saskatchewan (16.07m)
3. Brett Lachance, Saskatchewan (15.88m)

Men Heptathlon

1. Ethan Foster, Trinity Western (4807 points)
2. Masson Altrogge, Saskatchewan (4728)
3. Jean-Luc Perron, Manitoba (4527)



Women 300 Meter Dash Finals

1. Grace Konrad, Trinity Western (38.93)
2. Kendra Farmer, Saskatchewan (39.18)
3. Ashlyn Mooney, Saskatchewan (39.48)


Women 1000 Meter Run

1. Chloe Hewitt, Victoria (2:52.24)
2. Olivia Cooper, Alberta (2:53.10)
3. Kaitlin Swartz, Alberta (2:53.23)


Women 3000 Meter Run

1. Kaila Neigum, Regina (9:59.67)
2. Caitlin Mann, Victoria (10:02.85)
3. Allison Grajczyk-Jelinski, Saskatchewan (10:04.30)


Women 60 Meter Hurdles

1. Michelle Harrison, Saskatchewan (8.21) * NEW CANADA WEST RECORD
2. Catharina Kluyts, Alberta (8.33)
3. Cassandra Grenke, Alberta (8.43)


Women 4x800 Meter Relay

1. Alberta (9:11.12)
2. Regina (9:13.89)
3. Calgary (9:14.33)


Women Pole Vault

1. Rachel Hyink, Alberta (4.01m)
2. Leadan Chartier, Saskatchewan (3.81m)
3. May Asselin-Debelic, Alberta (3.46m)

3. Calista Kleine, Calgary (3.46m)


Women Long Jump

1. Sandra Latrace, Lethbridge (5.97m)
2. Joely Welburn, Regina (5.92m)
3. Erika Stockhorst, Regina (5.85m)


Women Shot Put

1. Osereme Omosun, Calgary (13.79m)
2. Jennifer Weber, Saskatchewan (13.40m)
3. Alexis Johnson, Calgary (12.31m)


Women Indoor Pentathlon

1. Nicole Ostertag, Saskatchewan (3996)
2. Madisson Lawrence, Manitoba (3948)
3. Alyson Edwards, Regina (3700)


Men 300 Meter Dash

1. Karson Lehner, Saskatchewan (33.07) * NEW CANADA WEST RECORD
2. Praise Olatoke, Trinty Western (34.16)
3. Jacob Murphy, Saskatchewan (34.61)


Men 1000 Meter Run

1. Eric Lutz, Calgary (2:25.91)
2. Robert Chauvet, Alberta (2:26.55)
3. Ron MacLean, Regina (2:27.38)


Men 3000 Meter Run

1. Alexander James, Calgary (8:19.21)
2. Brandon Vail, Victoria (8:21.88)
3. Nick Colyn, Trinity Western (8:22.02)


Men 60 Meter Hurdles

1. Kwaku Addo-Osafo, Calgary (8.46)
2. Elliot Klassen, Saskatchewan (8.49)
3. Scott Dixon, Alberta (8.58)


Men 4x800 Meter Relay

1. Calgary (7:40.81)
2. Manitoba (7:42.00)
3. Regina (7:45.28)


Men Long Jump

1. Scott Joseph, Regina (7.67m)
2. Michael Akintunde, Saskatchewan (7.38m)
3. Oyinko Akinola, Manitoba (6.84m)


Men Weight Throw

1. Andreas Troschke, Lethbridge (17.47m)
2. Pedro Diaz, Calgary (17.20m)
3. Tyrell Sawatzky, Saskatchewan (16.79m)