• Saturday, February 23, 2019
  • 10:00 AM
  • Calgary, Calgary - Jack Simpson Gym

Seven medals won by Alberta at U SPORTS Wrestling

Bears finish third, Pandas 5th at U SPORTS Championship

By Calgary Sports Information on February 23, 2019

CALGARY (U SPORTS) – The Brock Badgers’ band of wrestlers were pushed to the limit on Saturday at the University of Calgary’s Red Gym, but they once again proved to be the lords and ladies of the mat.

For the sixth consecutive season, the Badgers’ men and women swept U SPORTS championship status at the 2019 national championships. The men’s contingent finished with 83 points, well in front of Concordia’s 58 and Alberta’s 52. On the women's side, Brock accumulated 53 points, followed closely by Saskatchewan at 48 and Concordia at 37. 

In the Day 2 finals, Brock competitors won a total of 15 medals, seven of them gold.

The women’s competition was a see-saw affair, with the Badgers hounded all day by the Huskies. When Tina McLaren, top-ranked in the 51 kg, was disqualified in her set-to with Concordia’s Jade Dufour, the Huskies led by one. But a subsequent win in 72 kg by Darrion Sterling vaulted the Badgers up again and additional victories by Emily Schaefer in the 55 kg and Hannah Taylor at 59kg sealed the Brock crown.

Fraser Valley’s Brad Hildenbrandt won his third national title in the 120 kg division, defeating Frederick Choquette of Concordia by a narrow 7-6 score.

Fraser Valley’s Ana Godinez Gonzalez earned female Outstanding Wrestler honours following her win at 63 kg, while Concordia’s Alex Moore took the top individual honour on the men’s side thanks to his gold medal win at 90 kg.

Logan Sloan of Saskatchewan, gold medallist at 54 kg, and Alberta’s Katie Mulkay, who fell to Godinez Gonzalez in the 63 kg final, earned U SPORTS Rookie of the Year honours. Brock’s Calder and Saskatchewan’s Daniel Olver were selected by their peers as, respectively, the men’s and women’s Fox 40 Coaches of the Year.

The Student-Athlete Community Service Honours went to Shadab Rohalia of York and Drew Persson of Calgary. Rohalia, a fourth-year business student from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, joined the Lions wrestling squad this season. He has worked to develop an Enactus chapter at York, taking on projects that benefit the community through entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, financial literacy, and environmental sustainability.

Persson, a freshman from Eckville, Alta., volunteers as a coach with the Dinomites wrestling program and helps operate youth programs at Crank Gym in Calgary. She also served as a volunteer coach at the 2018 Alberta Winter Games. Outside of wrestling and sport, Drew is a volunteer at the Benalto Pro Rodeo and at the Bethany Care Centre in Sylvan Lake and Eckville, Alta.


1. Brock 83 pts
2. Concordia 58
3. Alberta 52
4. Saskatchewan 41
5. Fraser Valley 37
6. Calgary 34
7. McMaster 34
8. Guelph 23
9. Lakehead 23
10. Western 22
11. Queen’s 6
12. York 6
13. Algoma 5
14. Toronto 1
15. UNB 1
1. Brock 53 pts
2. Saskatchewan 48
3. Concordia 37
4. Calgary 33
5. Alberta 29
6. Guelph 23
7. Lakehead 23
8. Fraser Valley 21
9. Western 17
10. McMaster 7
11. Queen’s 6
12. York 6
13. Algoma 4
14. UNB 2
15. Toronto 1
54 kg

1. Logan Sloan, Saskatchewan
2. Garette Saunders, Brock
3. Harris Valdes, Alberta
57 kg
1. Ligrit Sadiku, Brock
2. Jordan Wong, Alberta
3. Parker McBride, Fraser Valley
61 kg
1. Marco Palermo, Lakehead
2. Nathen Schmidt, Alberta
3. Joseph Martin, Brock
65 kg
1. Christopher McIsaac, Brock
2. Connor McNeice, Calgary
3. Dajinder Singh, Concordia
68 kg
1. Francis Carter, Concordia
2. De’Andre Williams, Fraser Valley
3. Connor Qunton, McMaster
72 kg
1. Alexander Chaves, Guelph
2. Miles Kent, Alberta
3. Cruiz Manning, Brock
76 kg
1. Jevon Balfour, Brock
2. Benjamin Zahra, McMaster
3. Aaron Orzsak, Concordia
82 kg
1. Ty Bridgewater, Brock
2. Samuel Barmish, Concordia
3. Brayden Ambo, Western
90 kg
1. Alex Moore, Concordia
2. Hunter Lee, Saskatchewan
3. Clayton Pye, Brock
100 kg
1. Jordan Steen, Concordia
2. Richard DesChatelets, Brock
3. Jon Reinhart, Guelph
120 kg
1. Brad Hildenbrandt, Fraser Valley
2. Frederick Choquette, Concordia
3. Calvin Daum, Brock
48 kg

1. Alex Schell, Saskatchewan
2. Natassya Lu, Guelph
3. Megan Smith, Lakehead
51 kg
1. Jade Dufour, Concordia
2. Tina McLaren, Brock
3. Farrah Taj, Alberta
55 kg

1. Emily Schaefer, Brock
2. Tianna Kennett, Calgary
3. Amber Wiebe, Fraser Valley
59 kg
1. Hannah Taylor, Brock
2. Julie Steffler, Western
3. Amy Bellavia, Calgary
63 kg
1. Ana Godinez Gonzalez, Fraser Valley
2. Katie Mulkay, Alberta
3. Vivian Mark, Calgary
67 kg
1. Amanda Savard, Concordia
2. Haley Heffel, Alberta
3. Skylar Grote, Brock
72 kg

1. Darrion Sterling, Brock
2. Berit Johnson, Saskatchewan
3. Geneviève Lamarche, Concordia
82 kg
1. Kiera Prior, Saskatchewan
2. Gracelynn Doogan, Guelph
3. Erin Geddie, Calgary

Outstanding Wrestler: Alex Moore, Concordia
Rookie of the Year: Logan Sloan, Saskatchewan
Fox 40 Coach of the Year: Marty Calder, Brock
Student-Athlete Community Service Award: Shadab Rohalia, York
Outstanding Wrestler: Ana Godinez Gonzalez, Fraser Valley
Rookie of the Year: Katie Mulkay, Alberta
Fox 40 Coach of the Year: Daniel Olver, Saskatchewan
Student-Athlete Community Service Award: Drew Persson, Calgary