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Account Manager Guide

What is Account Manager?

Account Manager is your personalized Golden Bears & Pandas ticketing hub that allows a personalized fan experience, enabling you to pay, manage and transfer your event tickets from your mobile device or your desktop computer.

Logging into Account Manager:

  Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click the 'Sign In' button on the top right hand corner
Step 3: Login to your account or 'Create an Account' if you do not yet have one

Purchasing My Ticket Packages:

Step 1: Click on ‘Buy Tickets’ button at the bottom of the home page.
Step 2: Select the package that you would like to purchase with the button ‘Continue’.
Step 3: Select your desired reserved seat and ticket type.
Step 4: Click on ‘Add to Cart’. You may continue shopping or proceed to checkout.
Step 5: Complete your purchase by providing your payment information in the ‘Pay in Full’ section or the ‘Pay in Installments’.
Step 6: Once purchase is complete, tickets will automatically be added to your Account.

Managing My Tickets:

Step 1: Tickets will be displayed on your Account home page once you are logged in (only the first 4 events will show on home page)
Step 2: Click on ‘View All’ or ‘My Events’ to view all tickets on your Account.
Step 3: Select the Event you would like to manage.

Transferring My Tickets:

Step 1: Select your Event and then select ‘Transfer Tickets’
Step 2: Check the boxes next to the seats you want to transfer.
Step 3: Choose the transfer recipient. For new transfer recipients, click ‘Enter a New Contact’. Proceed by entering their name and email address. Once all fields are filled, ‘Add’ will light up blue at the bottom right.
Step 4: The recipient receiving the transfer will be sent a link to create an account in Account Manager and ‘Accept the Tickets’.

Donating My Tickets:

Step 1: Select your Event and then click on the box with 3 dots in the top right of your screen (computer) or bottom right (mobile).
Step 2: Select “Donate”
Step 3: Select the seats you want to donate and select “Donate”
Step 4: Select the Kids Up Front Foundation in Edmonton and then click “Continue.” More information on Kids Up Front Edmonton can be found here: