NEW - Digital Ticketing

UofA Student Account Manager

What is Student Account Manager?

Student Account Manager provides students access to their free tickets for Golden Bears & Pandas regular season conference events as well as their University of Alberta student pricing for conference playoff events. Students will be able to redeem and manage their tickets on their mobile device or desktop computer.


How To Access Your Account (Student accounts are already created)

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Account Manager" on the navigation bar, if on a mobile device click on the navigation icon on the top left of your screen.
  3. Click on "Click Here" under "Student Account Manager"
  4. On the Account Manager website click "Sign In" ➡️ Click "Forgot Password?" ➡️ Enter your U of A email address (your main account, not an alias) and click "Send"
  5. You will receive a password reset link to your U of A email ➡️ create a new password (Do not use the same password as your CCID)
  6. Go to the Student Account Manager page and log in.

Redeem Your Ticket (limit of one ticket per event)
**UPDATE as of 10/11/2019** Golden Bears & Pandas Athletics has currently removed the claim ticket process to reduce the amount of steps it takes for a student to get access to their ticket for an event. Students will now have their tickets for each event appear in their account automatically. The tickets to each event will appear in advance of game day.

Accessing Tickets on Your Phone


U of A Student Ticket FAQ

Q: Why is Golden Bears & Pandas Athletics moving away from OneCard entry?
A: Mobile entry will help efficiency of entry, student OneCard’s sometimes do not scan properly or students forget their OneCard.

Q: Do I have free access to Golden Bears & Pandas games?
A: Yes, if you have paid your Athletics and Recreation Fee you will have access to one free ticket for each Golden Bears & Pandas regular season conference event (Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, and Hockey,).

Q: Can I print, transfer or resell my student ticket?
A: The printing and transfer of student tickets is not available, students are the only ones entitled to use the free student ticket. Any students caught providing their free ticket to anyone else could potentially lose privileges to their free ticket during the year.

Q: Can I take a screenshot of my mobile ticket?
A: No you cannot. The ticket must be presented from one of the following options:

  • Account Manager from your mobile devices web browser
  • Apple Wallet (iPhone)
  • Google Pay (Android)

Q: When should I download my ticket?
A: We encourage students to download their tickets immediately after redeeming them, so that they don’t need to do so last minute, thus minimizing any issues on game day.